New Pinterest Feature Makes your Content More Findable

Pinterest has announced a new feature, called Guided Search, which could make your posts and content easier for your market to find. Of course, you still need to post high-quality content that interests your market, but this new feature could make your posts more visible on Pinterest.

What is Guided Search?

In essence, Guided Search is an enhanced version of the search function and makes Pinterest much more friendly to users who are looking for something. The premise behind the feature is that as people browse Pinterest they want to search in more general, broad terms. As the announcement states, “It’s made for exploring, whether you know exactly what you want, or you’re just starting to look around.”

When someone enters a search term, he will be presented with a list of related categories to choose from above a list of search results, or pins, that match the search terms.

If someone searches for “plants” she might be presented with categories like “house plants,” “flowers,” or “gardening,” which she can choose to narrow her search. With these topics, she can explore the plant category, finding images, ideas and content that are all related.

This feature makes browsing Pinterest for something specific much easier. In the past, users were presented with a page of pins relating to a search term, but didn’t have the option to narrow their search with categories. Guided Search will be available on the mobile app first and will be added to the website soon. You can see a video about how the feature works on Pinterest’s blog.

Can my Business Use Guided Search?

The best way you can leverage Guided Search is to take full advantage of pin descriptions. When you post content to Pinterest, don’t stop when you add the image. Write a keyword-centric description that gives users lots of information and that will make the content more likely to appear in search results.

For example, instead of simply writing “plant,” try a more complete description, like: “One of the easiest house plants to grow because it thrives in shade and doesn’t require much space.” This description tells a user about the image and encourages him to click the pin for more information. It also includes more terms Pinterest can use to determine how to rank it in its search results.

Be sure to organise your pins with boards that also have optimised descriptions. People are more likely to follow your boards if they are organised and provide helpful information. Another tip is to make sure you use high-quality and attractive images that will capture your market’s attention and show your brand in a positive light.

Pinterest is all about the visuals and as people scroll through results from the new Guided Search, you want your images to stand out and capture their attention. When your pins are optimised and your images are attractive, interesting and professional, your content will be more findable and you will drive more traffic to your site.