New Google Tool lets you Track Phone Calls that Result from Ad Clicks

Google has announced a new tool, called website call conversions, that makes it possible for you to track the phone calls your business receives after people click on ads. This ability can help you find out how to increase the number of calls you get and even make more sales.

Other AdWords tools like click-to-call ads, call metrics and calls as conversions can help you track the number of calls that are made when people call your business from an ad, but not the calls people make after exploring your website. Website call conversions gives you a way to track those calls.

How Website Call Conversions Works

Chances are there are a lot of people that see your ads, click on them and then explore your website before they decide to call your business. You probably already know this is happening but you don’t have a way to actually track and measure that activity.

With website call conversions, you can find out how many phone calls you receive when people click on one of your ads and explore your site before they make a call. You can track calls made when people click on your phone number or dial it on their smartphone.

When you add a snippet of code to your website, Google creates a forwarding number it uses to track these phone calls. You can even assign value levels to calls and find out what keywords and ads generated the calls.

Why this Information is so Valuable

The number of phone calls your ads generate is just as important as the amount of traffic they generate. Knowing how many phone calls your business receives due to ad campaigns can help you understand how to grow your customer base.

Learn What Spurs People to Call You

Website call conversions lets you find out what keywords and ads are most successful in encouraging people to call you. This can give you incredible insight that can help you generate more calls from customers who are interested in buying your products.

Design Better Campaigns

As you learn what drives phone calls, you can use that information to design better campaigns to get even more calls from potential customers. You’ll know which keywords to use and what kinds of ad designs and messages work best for your market.

Target your Efforts for Better Results

This new tool lets you assign value to calls that come from different pages on your website. As Google explains in its announcement, you may place a higher value on calls that come from a products page and a lesser value to calls that come from your home page. Then, you can find out which ads bring those valuable calls and then design more ads that are similar to generate even more valuable calls.

Google’s new website call conversions tool will make it possible for you to discover what keywords and ads are leading people to call your business, so you can generate more leads and increase sales.