New Google Publisher Plugin Make WordPress More Google Friendly

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If you use WordPress, this is great news: Google has launched a plugin, called Google Publisher Plugin, that makes it easier to integrate Google products into your website. As of now, the plugin is in beta and only supports a few Google products, but it’s probably safe to say that it will be developed to offer even more.

What the Plugin Does

In essence, the plugin makes it easier for you to connect Google tools you are using with your WordPress site. The plugin can’t be used on sites, since those sites only allow a few plugins to be used, but it can be used on sites.

It was possible to use some Google tools on your site before, but in some cases you had to edit the HTML code on your site, something that takes time and is difficult for people who aren’t professional coders to do. Now, the plugin makes it easier to use some Google tools without having to edit any code.

Connect to Your AdSense Account

If you use AdSense to display ads on your site, you can now use the plugin to easily connect your site to your account. With the plugin, it’s much easier to add Google advertisements to your site.

With AdSense, you can add targeted ads to your site and earn money for the number of clicks or impressions they receive. The AdSense tool even provides a dashboard that lets you see how well your ads are performing.

Verify Your Site for Webmaster Tools

The new plugin also allows you to quickly and easily verify your website for Webmaster Tools, so you can track how visible your site is on Google. When you can measure your efforts, you can make changes that will make your site more visible to your market.

Using Webmaster Tools is a great way to track how well your site is doing, and now connecting this tool to your site is simple.

Currently, these two Google products are the only ones you can use through the Google Publisher Plugin, but as the plugin is perfected and further developed, other tools may be added.

Should You Use the Plugin?

If you use WordPress, you may benefit from this new plugin. Businesses that already use AdSense or Webmaster Tools will find it easier to connect their site with the tools, which is a major benefit.

However, if you haven’t used AdSense or Webmaster Tools before, and have a WordPress site, now may be the perfect time to start using them. Right now it’s easier than ever to integrate these tools with your site, and the benefits you’ll see when you use them can have big pay offs.

AdSense can help you place ads that are targeted to your site’s audience and earn money from your website or blog, while Webmaster Tools can help you track your site’s performance with Google. You can find out more about the plugin, and install it, on