New Google Image Search Could Mean More Traffic to Your Site

Google has revamped its image search. Now, when users type keywords into the search bar and select the image search option, they will be presented with a whole new layout that includes more meta information about the image results. The change hasn’t gone into effect for all users yet but should be available to everyone soon.

The new search is much more user friendly. It allows users to see image details without having to go to a new page, meaning they can more easily browse and more quickly find what they are looking for. But, the changes aren’t just good for users; they can also benefit brands and site owners.

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Looks and Speed

The new look is much cleaner and makes it much easier for users to browse pages of images and view choice photos close up. Initial search results look the same as the old version, but when a user clicks on an image, a dark grey background appears and images line the top and bottom of the window.

According to Google, the new Google Images is faster than the old version because it doesn’t load source pages behind graphics, the way the old version did. The new layout also makes it easier for people to browse images faster because users can now see a preview of the image on the search page, instead of having to click to a new page to see it.

More Ways to Get Traffic

With some good planning, you could leverage the new Google image search and bring more traffic to your site. If you optimise the images on your site, using meta tags and descriptions that are keyword rich, they could rank on Google Images. Depending on the type of business and site you have, this could be an excellent way to get more traffic to your site.

Your Domain Name is Visible

In the new image search layout, your domain name is more visible and there is “Visit Page” button viewers can click on. This means that when your site’s images show up as search results you may see more Google image search referrals to your site.

More Ways to Reach Your Site

With the old Google image search, there were only two ways for users to get to your site via an image, now there are four. With more options, users may be more likely to click a link that takes them to your site.

The new search has four, instead of two, ways users can access your site from one of your images.

A More Convenient Experience

With a more user-friendly interface and experience, more people may begin using Google Images as a search option. Your company can take advantage of this by making sure all your site’s images are optimised and that your future SEO plans include strategies for ranking images.

Images have always been a part of SEO. However, with Google Images’ new features and interface, image search may become a more viable way for site owners to get more traffic.