New Google Ads Allow for Targeting by Email Address

Google has announced a new product called Customer Match that will make it possible for your business to target your customers with ads using their email addresses. This new addition could make your online ads more effective and give you another way to carefully target segments of your market.

How Customer Match Works

This new product leverages Gmail, Google Search and YouTube. As you know, these products are all owned by the search giant and users can log into all three with a single account. Google has come up with a way for businesses to use that to their advantage by allowing them to advertise to a niche group when people are logged in to any of these sites.

To use Customer Match, you will upload a list of email addresses which will then be matched to users when they are signed in on a Google property. With an email list, you can create campaigns with ads that are targeted for that specific group of people.

Customer Match will also let you choose to target audiences that are similar to the ones you target with email lists, so you can reach potential customers and raise brand awareness.

Customers will be able to opt out of this service if they don’t want to see your ads while logged in.

Customer Match at your Business

So, how can you use Customer Match to make your advertising campaigns more effective? You can use your email lists to more effectively target your ads and even create campaigns just for lists of subscribers.

Add to your Email Marketing Efforts

Think of this as a sort of extension to your email marketing. You are likely building lists you use for email marketing so you can reach current customers, previous customers and potential customers. Well, now you can reach those same people through online ads by uploading your email lists to Customer Match.

Fine Tune your Targeting

Customer Match will give businesses just one more way to target their audiences through advertising. It’s another tool that will allow you to reach a very specific group of people with carefully designed ads just for them.

Capture Attention when it’s Important

With your targeted ad campaigns, you can reach people when they are searching the internet or watching online videos. This means you have an opportunity to get their attention with things that matter to them while they are already doing things online.

For example, you can make sure a list of your customers sees ads for your new products, which are similar to the ones they have already purchased, when they are searching Google. Or you could promote your own videos to people on an email list when they are already on YouTube.

This product is being rolled out in the coming weeks and you can visit the AdWords help site for information on how to start using it. Whether you already use AdWords or haven’t done much online advertising yet, this is a product worth exploring and considering adding to your marketing strategy.