New Featured Video Space Coming to Facebook Pages

Video marketing is a powerful tactic that helps many businesses inspire their audiences. Video content can do things other types of content can’t, but to make this work, you need a way to publish and share your videos. Social media is an ideal place to do this because it allows you to reach your existing audience and take advantage of the power of sharing, which can bring you even more video views.

Facebook is launching new video features that could make it even easier to get more views and shares and use videos more effectively. According to TechCrunch, the new features will soon be available to all pages and come with a new page design, making the videos much more prominent.

Featured Videos

With the new design, page administrators will be able to choose a featured video that will appear at the top of the page. The featured video will remain there even when you upload additional videos and has a comment feed right next to it, where Facebook users can discuss the video and provide feedback. You can change the featured video any time you want, so you can use it in conjunction with your general internet marketing plans.

The featured video is much larger than the others, which appear as thumbnails, so it grabs users’ attention. You could use this video as part of a new product launch, event promotional strategy or simply to get more views on one of your main videos.

Video Playlists

Facebook is also launching video playlists, which will make it easer for you to organise your videos and easier for your audience to find something specific. The playlists section will appear right below the featured video, so it will also grab page visitors’ attention.

You can use this playlist to organise videos in a way that benefits your marketing campaign and that helps your market get more out of them. For example, if you are promoting an annual event, you could put all the videos from last year’s event on one playlist. This lets you highlight the event and makes it easy for people to find content related to it.

If you decide not to choose a featured video or create playlists, the videos you upload will be arranged in chronological order.

Visible Likes and View Counts

Social proof, in the form of number of likes, comments, and views, can help you increase views and engagement. If a visitor sees that a video is extremely popular, he may want to watch it just to see what all the buzz is about. Lots of engagement also tells users your videos are helpful, entertaining and professional.

Now, social proof will work to your advantage because it will be visible on the new Facebook page design. The featured video’s likes, comments and views will be displayed right next to it, above the comment section. Videos in playlists will include the number of likes and views directly under the thumbnail.

Right now, the new video features are being tested on some pages and will soon be available to all page administrators. Keep an eye out for the ability to add a featured video and find ways to use your page to promote your videos and benefit your entire internet marketing strategy.