New Facebook Updates Make it Easier to Drive Traffic and Build a Community

Facebook has announced a few changes to the News Feed that can help businesses drive more traffic to their websites and strengthen their Facebook communities. While Facebook seems to be unrolling new features and updates on a regular basis, these new changes are especially important to businesses that use Facebook pages as part of their social media marketing strategies.

High-Quality Content to Appear More in News Feeds

The first change Facebook is making will reward high-quality content by allowing it to appear more often in users’ News Feeds. Facebook hasn’t divulged exactly how it will determine what constitutes high-quality content, but it has told us that links that are clicked on more often will be recognised as high quality. So, as more people click on a link, Facebook assumes the content is valuable and high quality.

Facebook’s announcement states that referral traffic from Facebook has almost tripled in the past year, showing that people who use Facebook are clicking on links to high-quality content.

The links that receive more clicks will start appearing for more users, and therefore could drive more traffic to your website. As your business produces and shares more high-quality content, more people will click on it and it will be shown to more and more users, helping you get more traffic to your website.

Related Articles will Be Displayed Below Links

Another new feature that will soon be added to Facebook is related articles. Now, when a reader clicks on a link on Facebook, a list of related articles will appear underneath that post.

As you produce and share high-quality articles, they may appear in this section of related content. This gives your business another opportunity to get your content in front of your markets and drive traffic.

Older Conversations will be Revitalised

Lastly, Facebook has introduced a feature that will bring new life to old posts and conversations. If you feel that your older posts benefit your business for a few days and then are forgotten and buried by your newer posts, this new feature could be a good solution.

Now, posts that have new comments from peoples’ friends can show up in their News Feed again. Before this update, new posts were only featured once in the News Feed, but this update makes it possible to continue older conversations and strengthen social media communities.

As your posts continue to receive comments, they could continue to be displayed in users’ News Feeds, so they can gain more momentum. This update could mean that your posts will get more comments and could drive more traffic to your website, as more people see the links you share.

Facebook continues to be a major tool when it comes to social media marketing and these latest updates will make it even easier for businesses to drive traffic to their websites and build strong Facebook communities.

Your business can start taking advantage of these updates by producing and sharing quality content that your audience will want to click on and comment on, triggering the News Feed algorithm to share that content with even more users and repost it in peoples’ News Feeds.