New and Updated Google+ Badges Help Businesses Build Communities

If your business has a Google Plus account or an official Google Plus community, you have a new way to promote it from your website. Google has added a new community badge and has updated some of its other badges, making it easier for you to promote your Google Plus profile and communities.

New Community Badge

Does your business have a Google Plus community? You can help it grow by adding the new community badge to your website. The badge displays your community’s photo and includes a preview button. When a user clicks this button, she will be directed to your Google Plus community where she can see some of your most recent posts and join the community.

This is a big step for Google Plus because it brings communities to the forefront of the social networking site’s services. With this badge, you can draw more attention to your Google Plus community on your website. The badge is attractive and eye caching, so your site visitors can’t miss it. The tool will also make it easier for people to find and join your community, so you may find it easier to grow your company’s community.

New Follow Button

With the new Google Plus follow button, readers don’t have to navigate to Google Plus, search for and find your business, and then follow it. Instead, they can just click the button on your website and quickly follow you. The new button is a small, unobtrusive button that users can interact with when they hover over it. When a site visitor puts his mouse cursor over the button, a drop-down list will allow him to choose which list he wants to add your business to. After a person follows you on Google Plus, the button will appear blue and say “Following.”

Now when people are viewing your website, it will be much easier to direct them to your Google Plus account. When it’s easier to follow you on social media, it’s more likely that people will follow through and connect with you.

Updated Page and Profile Badges

Google has also updated its page and profile badges so you can choose a light or dark theme or use a landscape or portrait styled badge. These clean designs are consistent with recent changes to the way Google Plus looks and will make it easier for you to build your Google Plus following. If your business already uses a page or profile badge, it will retain the current look for 90 days and will then be automatically updated to the new design. You can visit the Google developer’s website to get the code for a custom badge.

Google Plus is steadily growing and many businesses use it as a way to connect with their markets and as a search engine optimisation tool. These new badges and buttons will make it even easier to incorporate your Google Plus account with your website, which means it may be easier to convert your site visitors to Google Plus followers.