My experience of working at Bigfoot Digital for four years

I’m officially a 4-year-old! Well, my career is. Happy Birthday to me!


I started working at Bigfoot Digital about six months after I graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in 2011 with a degree in Media Studies. I was lucky enough to choose a course where I was able to sample modules including photography, journalism, PR and social media. My degree gave me a comprehensive insight into the online industry. From this, I knew that Digital Marketing was a path I needed to go down.

Like the majority of students, I found graduating an exciting and scary prospect but couldn’t wait to kick start my career as a Digital Marketer. Unfortunately, this wasn’t an easy task as I ended up packing bags of Pop Corn for four months. This may seem like a magical scene from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory but, in fact, this couldn’t have been further from the truth. If anything spurred me on to persue the career of my dreams, it was that job!

I’d followed the Digital Media Centre in Barnsley on social media for a while and noticed that there was a new Digital Agency in town named Bigfoot Digital. I decided to get a little bit proactive – would it possible to land my dream job right on my doorstep? This was an exciting prospect. While Bigfoot weren’t advertising for any particular positions; I sent my CV and cover letter to the company in an attempt to get noticed. The next day I was invited in for a chat with Mark and Lindsey, Bigfoot Digital’s Directors, originally to discuss work experience. Within minutes of meeting Mark and Lindsey, I instantly fell in love with Bigfoot and its environment, I knew this was the company where I wanted to kick start my Marketing career. After a very friendly chat, I was asked to go away and write a piece of content about hypoallergenic dog food (of all things!) I saw this as a fantastic challenge, as I knew very little about this niche.

I look back on my cover letter and CV, and I cringe. Lindsey occasionally bribes me when she wants a cuppa, and if I don’t make her one she’ll threaten to show the rest of the office my extremely embarrassing cover letter.

Anyway, I completed my piece on hypoallergenic dog food, sent it back to Mark and Lindsey, and was invited back into the Bigfoot Digital office the following day. To my amazement, Mark and Lindsey offered me the role of Marketing Executive, which I delightfully accepted! I seem to remember letting off some embarrassing scream I was that happy. Along with the awesome title, I was also offered business cards. Yep! Shiny new business cards with my very own name on them! A slight step up from packing boxes of popcorn, right?

I began working for Bigfoot Digital in December 2011 and feel like my experience with this company has been truly unique. I watched it grow from just 3 people, up to 9. I have gained a close working relationship with both Mark and Lindsey. This has allowed me to be pretty hands on with assisting the day to day running of Bigfoot Digital. I’m thankful for the opportunity to have worked with a broad range of clients, and I have met some amazing people along the way, I’m challenged every day and no two days are the same for me!

I’m now the Office Manager, and while I’m extremely busy, I still love what I do. I look after a brilliant team and still get to be very hands on with client work. I’m looking forward to what the future will bring, hopefully, more fun and lots more amazing opportunities.

Hopefully we’ll be ready to expand our team in the New Year, so keep following our Facebook page for more information –

Thanks for reading!