Must-Know Secrets to Making your Images more Pinnable

You already know that Pinterest is all about images, but do you know what it takes to make your pictures more pinnable so people will be more likely to share them on the site and click on your posts?

A whole 80 percent of pins on Pinterest are repins, meaning they are posts that other people find on their feed and then pin, saving them to their own boards and sharing them with their Pinterest friends.

Knowing this, it’s incredibly important to make sure your images stand out and are something other users want to pin if you want to harness the power of this social media network and word of mouth.

Go Pro with Image Quality

First and foremost, you need to use quality images. The composition, lighting, focus and resolution should all work together to create a great picture that tells people you are professional and makes your images more attractive.

You can create your own images by investing in a good camera and shooting images in well-lit areas and then touching them up with some basic photo editing software.

Use Colours, Styling and Uniqueness to Stand out

Since Pinterest users scroll through feeds full of images, yours need to really stand out if you want to get attention. Use bold colours, attractive styling and unique perspectives to make your pictures different. Some of the tips mentioned here can help you make your images stand out, but starting with a good picture is key.

When you shoot products or people, stay away from ordinary set ups that look like stock photos. Instead, make things interesting and personalised so people will be more attracted to your pictures.

Add Text to Images

Adding text to your images can help you convey a message in an instant. It can also help you stand out on social media and give people a reason to click through to your website. Adding a blog post title, caption or phrase to your photos is simple and can make it much more likely that people will repin your images.

Try to stay consistent with the style, fonts, colours and details when you do this so your images will be branded. In some cases, you may even want to add your logo or company name to the image.

Provide Inspiration or Prove Value

Many Pinterest users are looking for inspiration or resources that can help them solve a problem. So, by making sure your images meet one of these two needs, you can make them more pinnable and clickable.

For example, use images that give your followers new ideas or inspire them to try your products. Or, use images that tell users they can click on your image for more information about a relevant topic. This is where text comes in especially handy.

Use the Image to Communicate a Message

Your images can also stand alone to provide some value or message. Images that include a checklist, an inspirational phrase or an infographic are great examples of this approach. These are very shareable and also stand out among all the other images on Pinterest. Be strategic about this and make sure your image supports the text for best results.

Pinterest can be an extremely powerful tool in your marketing strategy. When you start with images that are more attractive and pinnable, your content will spread across the site and help you accomplish all kinds of online branding goals.