Mobile Marketing Channels you Should be Using

Google’s newest algorithm update, which relies more heavily on a site’s mobile readiness as it ranks pages, has marketers and businesses frantically talking about how to optimise their websites for smartphones and tablets. This is absolutely necessary, but once your site is ready there are other mobile marketing channels you can use.

It’s no secret that we are becoming increasingly dependent on our mobile devices. Many of us can’t imagine life without our smartphone. Branching out and incorporating mobile channels can help you support your overall marketing plan, bringing your branding, messaging and content to people where they spend a lot of their time.

Your Blog

As you optimise your site for mobile readiness, make sure your blog is also updated. It should be easy to read and navigate on a small screen and should have short titles and concise copy people will want to read no matter where they are.

As you use the other mobile marketing channels to send visitors to your blog, you want them to have a positive, branded and cohesive experience there.

Social Media

Your online marketing plan should already include social media, but is it mobile friendly? In other words, are the sites you are using and the content you are sharing ideal for people using mobile devices? If the answer is “no,” look for ways to make your social media accounts more accessible to smartphone and tablet users.

Another way to leverage social media when it comes to mobile marketing is to take advantage of the fact that it is so easy to use on the go. Encourage social media use at your events, in your stores or as customers use your products by asking people to post photos or by promoting a specific hashtag.

Custom Mobile Apps

Some businesses find a lot of success by creating their own mobile apps. The key to this approach is making sure you have something worthwhile to share through an app. Don’t just create a mobile app because you can.

Make sure your app works perfectly, is professional and offers some kind of value that users can’t get any other way. Businesses that have membership sites, offer technical services or that can offer some additional service like discounts or free resources through an app could benefit from this strategy.

Email Marketing

According to magneticmail, 48 percent of emails are opened on a mobile device and 69 percent of mobile users delete emails that aren’t optimised for their device. A lot of us are reading emails on our mobile devices, or at the very least skimming through our inboxes.

These numbers show us that it is essential that your email marketing campaign is optimised for mobile. This means your templates and format should be responsive, your text should be short and to the point and your calls to action should be easy for people on smartphones to respond to.

These are just a few marketing tactics you can take mobile to give you more opportunities to reach your market. As you develop your online marketing and branding strategies, look for ways you can expand your social media marketing, content marketing, SEO and branding tactics by making them accessible to people using mobile devices.