What Mobile Habits can tell us about Email Marketing

Image courtesy of Johan Larsson/Flickr.

Email marketing can help you get your market’s attention and deliver strategically crafted messages for different niche markets. KISSmetrics published the results of some new research about how people read emails on their mobile devices. The numbers are interesting and can provide some insight into how you can use email marketing more effectively.

The study used information from two million email campaigns that were sent to almost two billion email addresses. The research, which was done by Campaign Monitor, brought to light two major findings about mobile email habits.

If users open an email on their mobile device, they are more likely to open it a second time than they are to click on a link from their phone or tablet.

In fact, only 8 percent of the people who opened an email on their mobile device clicked a link and 23 percent of people opened the email again later. This tells us that it’s more challenging to encourage people to click on the links in your emails than it is to get them to open them a second time.

Knowing this, you could focus more on enticing people to come back to your email again, rather than clicking on your links. To do this, you’ll need to prove that your email and links provide so much value that they are worth coming back to.

Use the subject line, illustrate a value and make your emails mobile friendly so people can easily see why they should come back to your email again. Don’t stop encouraging clicks, but don’t forget to provide value upfront.

People are more likely to click on links after they open the email a second time if they are using a desktop.

This second piece of information is also very important. It tells us that people like visiting websites from their desktops more than they do their smartphones or tablets. Yes, mobile devices are catching up to desktops in terms of sales and use, but many people still prefer to browse the Internet on a computer.

One reason people may be hesitant to click your links from their mobile device is that your site is hard to navigate from a smartphone or tablet. Eliminate this problem by making sure your site uses a responsive design and that the pages you link to are created with mobile users in mind.

These pages need to be developed for a small screen and easy to navigate from a mobile device. But, they also need to be designed and written for people on the go. Most people don’t want to read a lot of copy, click several links, follow a navigation system or have to zoom in on tiny pictures from their phones.

Make your pages easier for people on the go to use by making sure they aren’t too copy heavy, using bullet points and headings, using large images and designing buttons and forms that are easy to use on a small screen.

People use email differently on their mobile devices and to make sure your email marketing is successful, you need to keep these habits in mind. As you create your campaigns, use messaging that encourages people to open your emails a second time and always link to pages that are easy to use on a mobile device.