Responsive vs Mobile-First Website Design Services

Website design services in preparation for Google’s Mobile-First Algorithm Update.

Google is constantly working to update its algorithm to meet the needs of its users. In recent years, we have seen a shift in the way users are browsing the internet with more people than ever reaching for their mobiles rather than a desktop to search the web. Mobile now represents 64% of all online searches, and by the end of 2017, it is predicted to make up 60% of all e-commerce site conversions. That’s a huge shift in user behaviour, and you can bet Google is on the case.

Google has released a number of responsive website updates to make the web a friendlier place for mobile users, but now we are experiencing the first ‘mobile-first’ algorithm update which changes the game of optimisation as we know it.

What is Mobile-First?

We all know the importance of having a responsive website. Optimising your website for multiple devices is a sensible move as you will meet the needs of all customers. Google has confirmed that 85% of all websites are now optimised for mobile users. So, with the growing mobile market in demand, how does Google prioritise results…?

With another update, of course. Google compiles information every second in a vast catalogue, otherwise known as an index, which is used to formulate result pages. Until recently, Google has prioritised desktop search, with mobile searches considered necessary but secondary to desktop. Now, Google has confirmed we are about to see a change in favour of mobile devices.

There have been endless talks and rumours surrounding the mobile-first update over the past year, and we are waiting in anticipation. Like with most of the search engines major updates, it is being rolled out gradually. Though no firm dates have been given, experts suspect it will be with us this year.

That’s not long to get your websites optimised folks!

What if I don’t have a mobile website?

Google has said not to worry. Though a strong focus will be placed on mobile-first websites, there is still place for desktop rankings. You will not be penalised, however, you may lose out to competitors if they have a mobile-first website design.

It’s clear that Google is building a clear base for a future dominated by mobile searches, and the mobile-first update is the first of many to come. We consider this motivation for desktop-first websites to refresh, revitalise and recreate a responsive website.

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