Mobile Ads Shown to be very Effective in Generating Clicks and Engagement

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A new study, done by xAd and Telmetrics reveals that mobile ads are very effective. The world of mobile marketing opens up all kinds of opportunities for businesses, from email marketing to social media marketing, and ads are a tactic that you shouldn’t ignore.

The following statistics come from the research and provide some insight into what mobile ads are capable of and how businesses can use them more effectively.

50% of Mobile Shoppers Say Ads are Informative or Helpful

Half of people who shop on their mobile devices say mobile ads are informative or helpful. This means that people are actually paying attention to ads and are happy with what they see. Your market is more likely to be receptive to your ads if they are strategically targeted.

Things like the ad design, copy and messaging need to be designed for your target market. Whenever possible, use social media and advertising platforms that allow you to target your ads to specific demographics.

More than 40% Clicked on Ads Because they are Relevant

More than 40 percent of users said they clicked on ads because they felt they were relevant. According to the survey, mobile users deem ads relevant when they speak to their interests, are related to past purchases, are locally targeted or include coupons.

40% Report Clicking on Ads with Half Taking more Action

Almost half of the people surveyed, 40 percent, said they click on mobile ads. This is a significant number and shows that when ads are well targeted, they can help you drive traffic to your site.

Of that 40 percent, half took more action like looking at the company’s website or looking for more product information after clicking on the ad. Once you generate clicks, you can encourage people to take more action if your content is relevant.

Half of People who Clicked on Ads wanted to Make a Purchase within the Hour, 70% Did

But, people aren’t just clicking on ads, they want to make a purchase. Half of those who clicked want to make a purchase within the hour, and 70 percent of them actually did. This statistic shows that ads can do more than help you drive traffic, they can help you make sales.

If you can capture attention and provide relevant information, there’s a good chance that people who click on your ads will become customers.

57% Who Clicked on Ads want to see a Business Phone Number

Interestingly, 57 percent of people who clicked on ads reported that they want to see a business phone number on the ad. While this seems like a small detail, it shows that a majority of the people who respond to your ads are looking for an easy way to contact you. Just adding your phone number could make your ads more effective and help you gain more customers.

Mobile Internet marketing is essential if you want to reach your market and grow your business. This latest research shows that mobile advertising can be a successful way to reach your customers, drive traffic and increase sales. If you haven’t already implement mobile marketing at your business, now is the time to get started!