A Marketing Measurement Snapshot that will Help your Business Grow

Image courtesy of gubgib/FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

As the year comes to an end, how are you recording what you accomplished this year? A marketing snapshot can help you keep track of some vital measurements so as you work throughout the next year, you can set goals that will propel your business forward and you can see how you are progressing.

Why a Snapshot?

Your snapshot will give you a brief, yet very detailed look at where you stand with some of your marketing tactics right now. It will allow you to keep referring back to those statistics so you have a starting point for new plans and have something to compare next year’s results with. Doing this every year will help you see where you are growing, what you need to be doing better and how you can make your business more successful.

Taking Measurements

The type of measurements you take will depend on your specific marketing plan. Look at your goals, formal or casual, and what you have been focused on this year and then measure figures that will help you see growth.

Some common useful measurements include:

+ Number of social media followers
+ Monthly traffic statistics
+ Number of unique page views
+ Number of blog posts
+ Amount of social media referrals
+ Sales numbers
+ Number of email subscribers
+ Click-through rates from marketing emails

Of course, this is just a small sampling of the kinds of statistics you could measure. Make sure the things you measure will help you see how successful you have been and accurately reflect your marketing efforts.

Compiling the Snapshot

You likely already track several things throughout the year. Set up a new system, even if it’s just a simple spreadsheet, for your snapshot. Organise the statistics so they make sense and provide some brief descriptions of what the numbers mean and how you arrived at them.

You may want to share your snapshot measurements with business managers, team members and others in your business who have a vested interest in your efforts and success.

This snapshot is one that you will look at again and again throughout the year, so keep it in a place where everyone who needs it can easily access it. You could provide hard copies for people to keep at their desks, put the statistics on a poster you hang in the office or store the file on a shared hard drive.

Using the Snapshot for Business Growth

The whole point of making a snapshot is to use it to improve your business. First, use the measurements to make sure your 2015 internet marketing plan will bring results.

For example, if you notice in your statistics that your social media accounts are actually losing followers, your marketing plan should include a way to attract and retain followers. If your measurements show that your marketing emails aren’t as successful as you thought they were, find ways to improve them so they bring better results.

Secondly, you can use your snapshot to measure your success. The numbers you have compiled can act as a measuring stick you can use to see how your efforts have improved over the past year and how your business is growing.

A marketing measurement snapshot will bring immediate results as it helps you understand how you can create a more efficient marketing plan for next year. Doing this every year will help you track important information, see trends and continually enhance your plan to benefit your business.