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Helping companies make sense of marketing

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What You Can Expect

Consultancy, live coaching, and weekly tasks that give you the solution to dominating your sector.

This is a marketing consultant service like no other for companies looking to improve their visibility, with practical, honest marketing advice – no jargon.

Hit the button below to request a call with one of our trained consultants who will put together a free proposal  for your consideration. It’s completely free, so what are you waiting for?

What is a Marketing Consultant?

A marketing consultant is a skilled professional who works with businesses to implement marketing strategies that improve businesses and grow revenue. Some people confuse marketing agencies with marketing consultants. While most marketing agencies do all the work for you, marketing consultants will show you how. This puts you in the driving seat and eliminates any doubt that your marketing strategy is delivering an ROI.

Sales funnel experts in a strategy meeting.

At Bigfoot Digital, we offer both done-for-you services and marketing consultancy. We like to give our clients the freedom to decide what is the right route for their business. Some like to be in control of their marketing; others will entrust their marketing to our team of in-house experts.

Benefits of Marketing Consultancy

You might have clicked on this page thinking “Do I really need a digital marketing consultant?” It’s an extra expense that I can do without. But, then again, I do need the support.

Let’s discuss the benefits of hiring a digital marketing consultant:

Outside Perspective:

The first reason to hire a marketing consultant is outside perspective. You may have a team of marketers at your disposal who are great at their job, but you will always be blinded by some level of bias. A marketing consultant, on the other hand, will see things in the same way a customer would – with fresh eyes!

Short-Time Commitment:

Many Directors will ponder over the option of hiring a full-time employee or a marketing consultant. The biggest benefit of going down the consultant route is that you work with them for a period of time, ask questions and gain knowledge – let’s say, for a seasonal campaign – and then you are free to cut all ties with them. A member of staff, on the other hand, will require ongoing payment.

Maintain Focus:

Being the owner of a company is tough going. As you will know from experience, you’re expected to do, well, everything. To be everything, to everyone. You are under an immense amount of pressure to deliver results. A marketing consultant will help you maintain that focus. They will establish meetings, set goals, and present you with tasks to complete.

Marketing Consultant Service

Are you looking to win new business through your digital marketing, but you want to make it faster, easier and more manageable? Whatever your industry, we can accelerate your growth, by being your personal digital marketing consultant and giving you the answers.

We bring over 20 years of professional marketing consultant expertise to help you grow your sales and brand quickly, using our best-kept strategies. Our track record is that of exceptional results.

We differ from other marketing consultant companies, as we combine our hands-on experience of running successful campaigns with consultancy – so we don’t just tell you how to do it. We also provide full, digital marketing implementation.

We Have Worked With Some Great Brands:

Marketing Consultant

Take the stress out of marketing!

Bigfoot Digital help you achieve organic, profitable growth through a combination of online marketing strategies, which include SEO, social media, PPC, website design and sales funnels. As a full-service agency, we have consultants across all areas of marketing and can provide training in the strategies that will deliver the best results for your business.

There is no limit to what you can achieve. The focus on multiple marketing methods results in multiple revenue streams. If you want to learn about the many ways in which you can attract new visitors to your website and encourage them to convert time and time again, then please get in touch.

Marketing Consultancy FAQ’s:

Unlike other marketing consultant companies, who will take your money and give you some basic advice on how to optimise your website, our consultants work with you to develop a strategy that delivers results. We take time to understand you business goals and aspirations before coming up with a strategic solution that fits with your budget and long-term goals.

Once you receive and accept a marketing consultant quote, it’s all about coming up with a solution that works for you. Depending on your budget and resources, that can mean a number of different working scenarios. Whether you would like us to support your marketing department, offer guidance to an intern, speak directly to the Director, or a combination of all three, our team won’t leave you hanging. You can agree a set time for training with any one of our marketing consultants.

This will depend on the number of hours you are looking to purchase, along with any other requirements. We’ll arrange a strategy call to discuss your requirements, or you’re welcome to come for a meeting at our offices. We offer over the phone marketing consultancy, along with videos, reading material, and checklists for that extra level of support. Following our initial strategy meeting, we’ll put together a quote in line with these requirements.