Making Your Social Media Posts More Shareable

Have you ever noticed that people tend to share a lot of the bigger business’ social media content? How do they do it? How do brands make their social media posts so attractive that they are shared thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of times across networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest?

The secret lies in the type and quality of social media posts. In short, social media posts need to do two things to be shareable by an audience: provide value and resonate with the intended audience.

Provide Value, Whatever that May Be

You constantly hear that valuable content is an important part of digital and social media marketing. But what exactly does that mean? It means that your social media posts need to do something for the viewer. We traditionally think of value as information, but a social media post can provide many different kinds of value. For example, a funny video provides entertainment, a link to a question and answer podcast provides insight and an infographic provides information.

Find out what kind of value your market is looking for, and then meet that expectation with your social media posts. You may already have an idea of what people are looking for when they connect with your brand, so experiment with a few different kinds of posts to see which are more effective. However, no matter how well you think you know your market, you can always learn something new. Surveys, online polls and focus groups are great ways to find out why your market follows you on social media and what kind of content it is looking for.

Make it Resonate with the Intended Audience

People on social media aren’t interested in the same old posts. In fact, these boring posts tend to get ignored and can even cause people to unfollow you on social media. Create social media posts that stand out and that mean something to your audience. That meaning could be related to the value of the post. When a post means something to someone, he or she will want to share it.

Think about the things that influence your market and the emotions that are most likely to encourage it to interact with your brand. Once you discover what that is, you can use it in your social media posts so they will make an impact on your target market.

It can be challenging to stand out on social media, and even more challenging to get people to share your posts. Content has to provide value and really mean something to an audience. It has to be so good that people can’t help but share it.

As your businesses gets more creative with social media and gives people a reason to share your content, you will be able to build an online community that is beneficial to your business. An online community can help you reach your market, create a solid brand and even grow into a bigger business.