Making Your Brand’s Social Media More Personal

Many of the most successful brands on social media do so well because they are personable online. They connect with their audience, which builds their reputation, relationship with their market and usually helps them drive traffic and sales.

So how do they do it? What does it take to make your brand more personable on social media? Each business is different and connects to different audiences, but here are a few guidelines to help you get started.

Identify a Need and Fill It

You’ll gain more followers and get more engagement if you fill a need for your target market. Traditional marketing and sales is all about filling needs, so your product and services likely already do this. Discover what your audience needs (and what you can offer) when they log in to social media sites, whether that be shopping tips, auto advice or travel discounts, and then do what you can to meet that need.

Participate in Conversations

Instead of using your social media accounts just to blast out information, also use them to listen and respond to your followers. When someone gives you a positive shout out or asks you a question, respond to them. You can also use conversations to show followers what kind of need you fulfill. If someone asks about the best roofing company in the area, your roofing company’s Twitter account should respond with a link to your site.

Reach Out to Followers

Another way you can avoid being the social media account that exists solely to self-promote is to reach out to others. Ask questions or for suggestions that relate to your business or community. When users can reach out to you, they see your profile as more personable, instead of as an automated social media robot.

Be Transparent

Of course you need to maintain a professional image and social media profile that conveys your brand’s message. However, finding ways to make your brand more transparent can go a long way in making your page more personable. Once in a while post pictures or statuses that show your staff’s personality, post exciting updates from your office and reveal glimpses of how things work behind the scenes.

Be Part of the Local Scene

Once in a while, share content from other local businesses (that aren’t competitors) and talk about local events or news. This type of content will help you gain followers and build a presence in your area. When you become part of the local scene, you’ll also become much more personable on social media sites because users will see you as part of the community, not just another account trying to sell a product.

Don’t let your brand’s social media accounts get in the way of your brand’s personality. These guidelines will help your company become more personable on social media, which will help your campaign be more successful and your brand stronger.