What makes People want to Watch a YouTube Video?

Videos are an excellent way to convey a message and can help you use emotion, images and audio to reach your market in a way few other tools can. The most successful YouTube videos get hundreds of thousands or even millions of views and go viral, creating a buzz about a product or business.

In fact, according to DigitalSherpa, 50 percent of Internet users watch business related videos on YouTube once a week. This means you have a huge opportunity to reach your market.

But, the first step is getting people interested enough in your video to watch it. Then, you can draw people in with content that is so good people will want to share it on social media and on their own websites and blogs.

An Eye-Catching Title

Just like blog posts, articles and emails, YouTube videos require a catchy title that will make people want to watch it. Use the same techniques you use for other content by promising value, keeping it concise and piquing interest without giving everything away.

Keep in mind that your title should use keywords naturally whenever possible so it will appear in search results. You can also optimise your description to make the video more findable.

The Length and Content Keep their Attention

Most people don’t have time to watch videos that are more than a few minutes long or that lose their attention within the first few seconds. Keep your videos to the point and draw your audience along as you tell a story or convey useful information.

Of course, professional videos are also more likely to get people’s attention, so use a good script, lighting, set and editing software so your video reflects your brand and tells people you are an industry expert.

Decision-Making Information

DigitalSherpa also reports that 90 percent of Internet users say that watching a video about a product is helpful when it comes to making a decision about buying something. Use this piece of information to create videos that are designed to give people the information they need to be persuaded to buy your products.

Entertainment Value

YouTube will always be a source of entertainment and you shouldn’t underestimate the value of entertaining your market. Use humour, interesting facts, awe-inspiring footage and other types of entertainment to get people’s attention and get people talking about your brand.

Find a way to tie the entertainment back to your business and goals so that you can raise brand awareness while still making sales or increasing your fan base.

A Social Reaction

As your video starts to get more views and some traction on social media, people will want to watch it just out of curiosity. If all their friends are watching it, there are lots of comments about it and they see it all over social media, they will want to watch it too.

To get to this point you’ll need to start with an excellent video that incorporates the other elements discussed here and then promote it through your own social media accounts.

Use YouTube videos to entertain, educate, inspire and excite your market so you can reach people in a whole new way. Always use content and a call to action that help you meet your goals so your videos will become a valuable part of your Internet marketing strategy.