Make your Social Media Explode with Activity: 3 Simple Ideas

When your social media accounts are alive with activity, they are more powerful marketing tools.

They have the potential to capture and maintain attention and entice members of your target market to respond to your calls to action. Active social media accounts are also more likely to attract new followers, which will help you build a larger online audience.

Generating this kind of activity requires consistent efforts over time, but there are some things you can start doing right away to jumpstart social media engagement.

Use Quizzes and other Apps

One of the easiest ways to interact with social media users is to use quizzes and other apps. Some social media sites, like Facebook, make this especially easy, but no matter what network you are using, you can link to interactive content and encourage people to share.

Setting up a quiz that somehow relates to your business, but is fun and entertaining, will get people clicking. Then, be sure to make it easy for users to share their results and link to your app so you’ll reach a broader audience and your content will be spread across the internet.

Hold a Contest that Requires Interaction

Don’t just hold a normal giveaway or contest on your social media account. Host one that requires people to interact with your account in order to participate. You’ve likely seen other businesses do this. They require you to “like” a picture, share some content or even just connect with them on various social networks to be entered into a drawing.

To make this work, use an incentive that will attract your target market. Things like a free product from your business, tickets to an event and gift cards are great options. Then, don’t make it so hard to enter that people will give up. Stick to requiring people to take just one or two actions on social media, like “liking” or sharing something, to participate. You can even do this on a regular basis with a weekly or monthly giveaway to build momentum and gain a captive and engaged audience.

Give Customers a Vote

Another simple but effective way to generate some social media engagement is to give your followers a vote. Ask people to vote on a few different options to choose a new product feature, discount package, event entertainment or anything else. Then, be sure to follow through by listening and implementing the choice with the winning vote.

Of course, you should also highlight the poll by promoting it for several weeks and then announcing the winning vote and your implementation.

This approach will do more than just get interaction; it will also help you build a relationship of trust with your market as people see that you care what your customers think and aren’t afraid to provide what they ask for.

These are just a few ways you can get people talking on your social media pages, making them come to life and turning them into resources your customers want to use and powerful marketing tools for your business.