Make Your Next Facebook Contest or Giveaway a Hit: Tips for Success

Facebook contests and giveaways are a popular tactic for social media marketing. All kinds of businesses hold contests, usually giving away a free product or a fun prize like a paid trip or much-wanted gadget.

These contests can be very beneficial if they are done correctly. Facebook contests and giveaways can help brands gain followers, raise awareness, increase traffic, get more engagement and build a bigger social media presence.

While contests and giveaways hosted by big brands and well-known businesses are usually a big hit, it can be challenging to hold a successful Facebook contest if you are a smaller business or if you don’t already have a major social media following. But, regardless of how much social media marketing you have done in the past, you can make your contest successful with these tips.

Make it Irresistible

First, the incentive for people to enter your contest needs to be so good that they won’t want to pass it up; it needs to be irresistible. Think about your market and what would be an exciting prize for people who are interested in your business.

If the prize is a free product from your business, make it a good one. Give away something that is of high value to your market. If you give away something that doesn’t grab the interest of your market, you will have a hard time getting participation.

Make it Simple

Have you ever seen a Facebook giveaway that requires people to go through a long list of tasks before they can enter? Sometimes businesses require people to “like” a page, share a post, comment on a photo and fill out a form for just one entry. There are two problems with this. First, people may get tired of jumping through hoops and decide not to enter at all. Second, they may not understand the complicated steps they have to take and will either give up or unknowingly fail to enter the giveaway.

Keep things simple by requiring just a few actions that help you reach your social media marketing goals. If you do want to try including multiple actions in a contest, consider requiring one and then offering extra entries to those who complete additional steps.

Make it Exciting

Businesses that hold the most successful giveaways create a lot of buzz about them. If you aren’t excited about it, why should other people get excited? Make a big deal about your contest on social media by building hype and spreading news about it across several different channels.

You can build excitement by counting down until the day the winner is announced or highlighting the features of the prize. When you work to promote your contest you are not only making it more successful, but you are promoting your business. Don’t just share your contest through Facebook. Promote it on your website and blog and even other social media accounts like Twitter and LinkedIn.

Follow these guidelines to make your next Facebook contest or giveaway a hit, benefiting both your social media marketing efforts and your business.