Make Your End-of-Year Specials Stand Out

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After Christmas and New Year’s, businesses in all industries launch marketing campaigns that often include discounts and other special offers. Consumers are overwhelmed with the marketing that happens during these last few weeks of the year, so how do you make sure your specials and marketing tactics stand out?

Try a Different Channel

If your market is already seeing too many promotional emails or social media posts, try using a different channel. Using a mode of communication that isn’t already saturated with marketing messaging can help you stand out from the competition.

Text messaging, mobile apps and QR codes are just a few channels that aren’t as common as things like social media and email marketing, and using them will help you get your market’s attention.

Use a Different Message

When you use the same type of messaging everyone else is using, your voice will get lost in the crowd. Right now many businesses are giving their markets discounts, announcing sales and offering incentives for signing up for services.

Make your business and products stand out by using a different message. For example, you could offer freebies, highlight a new product or offer a more long-term special that extends beyond the post-holiday rush.

Let the Noise Pass

Another way you can stand out is to avoid becoming part of the marketing noise that is all too common right now. All kinds of businesses are vying for your market’s attention and pushing promotional materials on your audience. Wait a few days or even weeks to let this commotion die down before you start implementing your marketing tactics.

Instead of sending that promotional email right now, wait a few days so it doesn’t get lost in your audiences’ inbox or bump your next sale to the beginning of the year so it stands out from other sales.

Offer a Can’t-Miss Opportunity

If you want to stand out from other promotions, offer a can’t-miss opportunity. Make your special offer so good that your market can’t help but notice and participate. Exceptional sale prices or offering a steep discount on one of your most coveted products are great ways to do this. Remember, when you use one of your products for promotional purposes, you are still bringing attention to your entire business and line of products.

Unroll Specials Slowly

You can capture peoples’ attention by unrolling specials slowly. Instead of offering several discounts at once, or even one big discount, try offering several perks over a longer period of time.

One common way to do this is to offer a different freebie on your blog every day for a week, or add a new item to a sale event every day for several days. When you do this, you invite your market to keep returning to your website or store and you have a new way to capture peoples’ attention every day. This strategy can also help you build a momentum that can help you promote your business.

This time of year it can be challenging to stand out while so many businesses are offering end-of-year specials and using several marketing tactics at once. But, by using these strategies you can effectively reach your market and achieve your sales or business goals.