Make your Digital Marketing Less about YOU and More about THEM

When it comes to promoting your business, you need to walk a fine line between attracting customers and becoming so overly promotional that you drive potential customers away. Finding this sweet spot will make your marketing more effective, helping you increase brand awareness, boost sales and have a better relationship with your market.

The Key to Persuasiveness

Think about the last time you bought a product or signed up for a service. What made you take this action? Chances are it was information about what the product could do for you. How it could make your life easier, how it could change the way you do things or the benefits you could look forward to.

You probably didn’t buy it just because you thought the business was amazing. Of course, the company’s reputation and your prior experience with it probably played a part in your ultimate decision, but you didn’t buy the product for the business. You bought it for yourself and your own benefit.

This is the key to persuasiveness. We’re more likely to be moved to take action when we know what’s in it for us. We want to know what benefits we’ll get for our money, how the product will make our life better or what we can get out of a service before we pay for something. We’re selfish; we need to know what’s in it for us before we will buy something.

Less about You and More about Them

Your digital marketing should be highly persuasive. It should focus on building a solid brand and reputation for your business, but it should also strive to persuade your market to do something: buy something, visit your website, share your content or contact you.

Therefore, your marketing materials should play up what you can do for people. This means your content should be focused on the results you can provide or should offer some value, even if it is just more information or entertainment, for your target market. It should tell people how your products will change their lives or what kinds of perks they can expect when they work with your business.

This kind of messaging can be worked into all kinds of digital marketing tactics. Your website should be designed with users in mind and include enticing copy that draws customers in. Your blog posts should promote benefits, your social media posts should add true value for your followers and your promotional videos should highlight why your business can serve your customers better than your competitors can.

You should still tell people about the kind of business you are, promote your accomplishments and share your own story with your market. However, these messages shouldn’t overshadow the primary message that answers “what’s in it for me?”

Focusing more on your market and less on yourself will make your digital marketing materials much more persuasive so they’ll bring better results, benefiting your marketing campaigns and your business as a whole.