How to Make Your Twitter Account Invaluable to Your Market

If you use Twitter as part of your social media marketing plan, it’s essential that you use it to its fullest potential and attract loyal followers. When your market sees your account as invaluable, people will rely on it as a source for current information, which will help you build your brand and foster a stronger relationship with your customers and potential customers.

Turning your account into a resource your market trusts and follows carefully can be accomplished in several ways, and you’ll likely need to use more than one strategy to do this.

Be Relevant and Consistent

The number-one way you can enhance your Twitter account is to share relevant content consistently. You should share your own content to drive visitors to your website, increase sales and reach your marketing goals. But, you should also find content, that others have created, that your market will find helpful and be able to relate to.

Consistently post to your account so your followers will follow it with interest and click on the links you share, retweet your posts and engage with your brand. If you don’t use Twitter consistently, users won’t see your account as a dependable source of information.

Be Current

Research has shown that one of the biggest reasons consumers interact with brands on social media is to get regular updates about the business. Knowing this, you can be confident that as you share this kind of information, you will build your following and retain your current audience.

Be Generous

That same study shows that another top reason people interact with brands on social media is to get coupons or discounts. Providing perks like this incentivizes your market and gives people one more good reason to follow you on Twitter. These kinds of tweets are also very shareable, so you can widen your reach with them.

Be Helpful

Twitter is all about conversations. To use it successfully, you need to do more than just post links to your content and retweet others’ posts. Use your Twitter account to provide answers and solutions to your followers. One of the easiest ways to do this is to respond to questions and feedback users send. You can also monitor the site for mentions of your business and products and reply as necessary.

If you are able to, anticipate your audience’s needs ahead of time and provide tips and content that meet those needs. Combining this approach with your content marketing strategy can bring big results.

Be Entertaining

In between all of your serious and informational content, be entertaining. At its core, social media provides entertainment, and being entertaining doesn’t necessarily mean being funny. The type of entertainment you provide will depend on your brand, but you could post humorous content, interesting infographics or a casual commentary. Letting your personality shine will make your account more likeable.

Your Twitter account can be a very powerful part of your social media marketing strategy. To use it effectively, you need to build a strong following and transform it into an invaluable resource your market will depend on. Start by assessing how you’re using your account now and using these tips to take your Twitter marketing to a new level.