How to Make sure your Next Press Release gets Results

Increased site traffic, high-quality link building, better brand awareness and positive publicity are just a few of the benefits a well-done press release can bring your business. While traditionally used to get media coverage, press releases have crossed the line into content marketing and have become a valuable part of internet marketing in general.

Whether you are currently using press releases or aren’t sure where to start, these tips can help you make sure your releases actually get results.

Start with Something Newsworthy

Before the Internet even existed, businesses sent press releases to newspaper and television reporters in an effort to tell a newsworthy story and get media coverage. Good press releases still have their roots in newsworthy content and if you want yours to bring results, it needs to cover something new, current or ground breaking.

The most effective press releases get published across several websites, spur blogger coverage and help get your business in the news, and if their content isn’t newsworthy, you won’t see these results.

Optimise for People and Search Engines

Making sure press releases are newsworthy goes hand-in-hand with optimising them for people. If you want people to cover your story or even publish your entire release on their own website, you need to write high-quality content and keep it interesting and engaging. It should tell your story in an interesting way and be memorable to publishers and audiences.

To get the search engine optimisation benefits from your release, it also needs to be optimised with keywords and links. Press releases can be a big part of an SEO campaign if you make sure you use keywords naturally and link to pages strategically, so as you publish the release you will also be building links.

Include a call to Action

Many businesses neglect calls to action in press releases, missing out on an opportunity. Your press releases should include a call to action, even if it is as simple as asking people to visit your website. Other calls to action could include asking readers to buy a product, attend an event, try a new service, subscribe to an email list or visit a store location.

The call to action should be relevant to the news and easy for people to follow through with. Include links and specific information so readers will be more likely to respond.

Distribute with Purpose

One of the most important things you can do with your press release is distribute it purposefully. There are two basic ways you can do this: by individually pitching it to publishers or publishing it in mass across the internet. In some cases, you may do both.

Individual pitches are great when you want to get some media coverage with a specific outlet and audience. To do this, send your release to a blogger or journalist with a quick email explaining why he might be interested in your story. Building relationships with publishers is essential and will make getting press release coverage easier.

You can also publish your press release on your own website as well as third-party press release distribution services. These sites are often used by bloggers and news site owners who are looking for relevant content. They can also help you build links to your own site for SEO purposes.

As you craft your next press release, keep these tips in mind so you will see the results you’re looking for. When used correctly, press releases can enhance your internet marketing plan and help you build your online brand.