How to Make your Social Media Fans Love You

It’s not enough to just have a social media following. You need fans that interact with your account, respond to your calls to action and act as brand ambassadors, inspiring their friends to become fans or even customers.
There are lots of ways to make sure your social media accounts are effective, but starting with a fan base that loves your brand will help you reach all kinds of goals.

Treat them Like People, Not Numbers

Yes, you need to track your social media statistics. You need to know how many followers you have, when you gain or lose followers and how much interaction your accounts get. Those statistics can help you measure your efforts, but they won’t bring results by themselves.
If you want to use social media to make more sales, get more customers, increase event attendance or do almost anything else, you need to treat your followers like people, not numbers. Work on building relationships and treat all your followers with respect.

Be a Listener

One way you can make sure you treat your followers like people is to listen to them. Remember that social media is a two-way communication tool. Don’t just push sales information, promotions and content at your market. Instead, talk with your market.
Ask questions, solicit feedback and read comments on your page. When you listen to people, make sure they know they are heard by providing a response and taking their input seriously. When possible, implement suggestions and make changes that reflect what your customers have voiced.

Always be Valuable

People unfollow social media accounts that they don’t feel are valuable. Business accounts that feel spammy, post boring information or just aimlessly self promote aren’t liked by fans. You can make sure your fans love your account by doing just the opposite.
You can, and should, self promote, but you should also be a resource for your market. Provide helpful information, content about topics your fans are interested in and even be willing to help promote other businesses that aren’t your competitors.

Don’t Neglect Your Accounts

You can’t create a loyal fan base if you neglect your accounts. Failing to post regularly or only posting once a month won’t help you build the kind of fan base that can bring real value to your business.
Use a strategic plan with your accounts so that your posts will help you reach your goals. You may also consider using a social media calendar that outlines what kind of content you will share and when. It’s also important to schedule time each day when you can focus on your accounts, make connections and respond to comments.
To make social media work for your business and use it as a powerful marketing tool, you need a loyal fan base. When your followers like your accounts and feel that they offer real value, they will be more likely to do business with you, become returning customers and even act as brand advocates.