Make Your Market Fall in Love with Your Social Media Accounts

When your market falls in love with your social media accounts, people will be attracted to your pages, post comments and engage with you.

Your accounts will become a more powerful Internet marketing tool, your site will get more traffic and you’ll make more sales. This sounds like every business’ dream, but how do you make it a reality?

Be What they are Looking For

You already know that if you want your business to succeed, you need to fill a need. The same holds true for social media. To attract followers and get the most out of your social media accounts, you need to provide what your market wants and needs. Through your posts, the content you share and even your photos, you need to be what your market is looking for.

If your market is looking for industry information, provide content about relevant topics. On the other hand, if your social media audience consists of current and potential customers who are looking for a good deal, maybe you can provide coupons and discounts through your accounts.

Provide a Constant Stream of Value

As you start to form an online community you need to provide a constant stream of content that provides value to your market. This will help you build your following and retain your current followers, as people begin to see your account as a valuable resource they don’t want to miss out on.

Start by considering what your market is looking for and then find ways you can create content that is relevant to your followers’ interests and needs. The value you provide will depend on your business and market.

Engage in Two-Way Conversations

Social media isn’t meant to be a platform where you do all the talking. Listen to what your market is saying, encourage interaction, respond to comments and reach out to your followers. People like to be heard and when you demonstrate that you are listening and interact with people, they will fall in love with your accounts.

There are so many ways to encourage interaction on social media, both formal and informal. You can host competitions, ask questions and do giveaways to get people interacting with your account. Or, you can take a more casual approach and simply be involved in conversations and respond to your market. In most cases, you’ll need to use a combination of formal and informal strategies to have two-way conversations on social media.

Show Some Personality

People don’t fall in love with accounts that seem stiff or robotic, they fall in love with social media accounts that show some personality. Let your brand show through when you post and interact on social media.

If your brand is more formal, consider being a little more informal on social media. You don’t need to abandon your brand, but in general, social media is a more casual platform. If your business is already casual, let that shine through when you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and your other accounts.

When your market loves what you have to offer through your social media accounts, you’ll gain more followers and build a more involved community, which means your social media marketing will be more effective.