How to make Content Marketing and SEO get Along

The Internet marketing world is full of all kinds of tactics and strategies, including content marketing and search engine optimisation. These two tactics often work together but aren’t the same. When done correctly your content marketing and SEO efforts can complement each other, strengthening your entire Internet marketing strategy.

Search Engine Watch posted an article that details the difference between content marketing and SEO and the future of link building. The main difference is that content marketing is the process of providing specially designed content that engages your audience and that people want to share. On the other hand, the goal of SEO is to get higher search rankings. So how do you use both of these tactics together?

Produce Content for One or the Other

When you produce content, whether it is a blog post, article, video, infographic, white paper or anything else, determine whether it is part of your content marketing or SEO plan. Of course, it will ultimately benefit both, but it’s important to have one goal in mind when you create a piece of content.

Things you produce for your content marketing plan may have a different audience than those for your SEO plan. If you try to force your SEO strategy onto your content marketing plan, the content will be disjointed, lack a purpose and won’t fit into your overarching Internet marketing strategy. The results won’t be very effective.

Use SEO to Boost Content Marketing

But, just because you produce content as part of your content marketing plan, that doesn’t mean that it can’t also benefit your SEO strategy. Optimise your content with keywords, publish and share it in the right places and include links according to what will benefit your SEO plan. However, don’t sacrifice the quality of the content when you optimise it.

The best SEO content is written with people in mind and then enhanced for search engines. Use keywords naturally and only include links when they are relevant to the content. Always avoid black-hat SEO strategies like keyword stuffing, link farms and using too many links per piece of content.

Always Provide Value

Whether you are producing content for your content marketing or SEO plan, always provide value. Your market will only respond to the best content, which is tailored to peoples’ needs and appeals to their interests. By the same token, search engines are increasingly favouring high-quality content that is relevant over spammy content that is only designed to get links.

Enhance your User Interface and Site Navigation

Your user interface, like your website or blog, and navigation system need to be people and search engine friendly. People who visit your site should be able to find what they are looking for quickly and easily, so the layout needs to be clear and make sense.

But, search engines also depend on the site structure so be sure it makes sense and that your URLs include keywords whenever possible.

Work for Natural Links

Link building is still an important part of SEO and one way you can get the best links is to work for natural links. Create and share content that people will want to share on social media or link to from their own website or blog.

These kinds of links are natural and are of high value when it comes to search rankings. They can also help you reach a bigger audience and increase traffic to your site.

Content marketing and SEO tactics are so closely related and getting yours to work together will make both of them, and your entire Internet marketing strategy, stronger. The key is to have clear goals for each piece of content and to make sure the way you publish and share content doesn’t deter search engines.