LinkedIn’s New Showcase Pages Give Businesses More Options

While LinkedIn may not be the first social network that comes to mind when you consider social media marketing, it is one you don’t want to miss out on, especially with this newest feature: Showcase Pages for businesses.

This new feature makes it possible for businesses with multiple products, or brands, to create a page that highlights each one. LinkedIn users can follow Showcase Pages to get updates from businesses. For example, Microsoft has a Showcase page for its Office product, which people can follow for updates specific to Office, rather than Microsoft in general.

But, businesses don’t have to create Showcase Pages for products. They can create them for business units, programs, initiatives or anything else. This feature is slowly being offered to all businesses, so watch for the ability to create a page on your account.

To set up a Showcase Page for your business, log in to LinkedIn and go to your company’s page. Then, choose “Edit” and then “Create a Showcase Page.” From here you can set up a Showcase Page for your business that highlights a specific product or element.

Make sure the information you include on the new page is complete and targeted for your market. Then, share relevant content through the Showcase Page. You will be able to track how well your page is doing through LinkedIn’s analytics tools.

Once your Showcase Page is ready, you can start promoting it to your LinkedIn followers, other social media followers and your market in general. When users visit your page they can click on “Follow” in the top, right-hand corner. People who follow your Showcase Page will see updates from the page on their news feed.

What Showcase Pages Can do that Business Pages Can’t

You may be wondering why you should create a Showcase Page if you already use a Business Page. If your business is large enough to have several different products, sub-brands or major initiatives, a Showcase Page can help you target your market in ways a Business Page can’t.

The more you are able to make sure the right audience sees your content, the people who will respond to it, the more successful your business will be at social media marketing. This new feature lets you target your markets more precisely.

You may also be able to connect with more people by setting up Showcase Pages. People in your target market who aren’t necessarily interested in your business in general may be hesitant to follow your Business Page on LinkedIn. However, they may be interested in following a Showcase Page that provides content that is relevant to them, their interests and needs.

LinkedIn is an excellent social media marketing tool that can help you promote your business and reach your market. If the people in your target market use LinkedIn, you should be using a Business Page, and now you can set up Showcase Pages too.

Start by deciding which products, or elements of your business, you want to create Showcase Pages for and setting up the pages, and then share content and start getting followers!