LinkedIn Opens to Students as Young as 13 and Adds University Pages

We’ve blogged before about how to use LinkedIn to promote your business, and now you may have even more opportunities to use the site to reach your market. LinkedIn has announced that it is now opening its site to users as young as age 13 (where national laws allow it) and is launching new University Pages.

In a blog post LinkedIn states that it is allowing younger students to join the site so they can begin making connections to professionals. The post says one of the goals of opening LinkedIn to younger students is to make it possible for them to gain “insights about the full range of career possibilities.”

The default settings for younger users’ accounts will be different so young students have more privacy. All users will also have easier access to the site’s Safety Center and Family Center, which outline ways users can use LinkedIn safely.

LinkedIn’s new University Pages also help with a similar goal: ” to help students at every critical milestone from campus to fulfilling, successful careers.” The new pages are similar to Company Pages, except they are designed with students in mind and have information that would be more helpful to students who attend or are considering attending the school.

An example of a new University Page. Image source.

The pages will allow schools to post news and announcements and let students find notable alumni. Of course, they will also let students network with others and discover what kinds of jobs alumni from various schools now have.

Will this Change your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy?

As younger students start using LinkedIn and as university students get more involved on the social site through University Pages, will you use LinkedIn differently? If your market consists of students, you may have even more opportunities to use the site to promote your business.

Historically, younger people have been the power users when it comes to social media. Of course, that is slowly changing and for LinkedIn, it hasn’t always been the case. However, if these younger users become more active on the site, the audience you have and the community you form on LinkedIn could be very different from the one you have now. Besides the fact that it will be made up of different demographics, it may also be more active and you may find it easier to spark engagement through groups and conversations.

These students who, if LinkedIn’s strategy works, will begin using the networking site even more, are future professionals. They are the people who will be taking over industries and managing businesses in the next several years. With this idea in mind, your business may also decide to use the site as a recruiting tool to find the best job candidates.

The fact that younger students can now use LinkedIn and that university students may have more incentive to login to the site may benefit your social media marketing strategy as you will have yet another channel and means to reach your market.