LinkedIn Opens its Publishing Platform to all Users

LinkedIn has announced that it will be allowing all of its users, not just users designated as “Influencers,” to publish content on its site. Until now, regular users have only been able to post updates and links, but now they can post longer articles to the site, sharing them with people across the network.

Since 2012, some users, which LinkedIn labeled as Influencers, have been able to publish blog posts on the site. This content was viewable by all LinkedIn users and could be shared across the network. Users like Bill Gates, Carlos Ghosn, Richard Branson and Martha Stewart could post content to contribute to industry news and reach their markets.

LinkedIn’s announcement explains that now all users can publish content that will be included on their profile and can be shared on the professional social network. Users will be able to follow other users that aren’t part of their network, or already on their list of contacts.

How You can use this New Feature

LinkedIn can be a valuable part of your social media marketing strategy. The site boasts 277 million members who are professionals all over the world from all kinds of industries. In Europe alone, there are 57 million LinkedIn users.

With numbers like this, you can’t afford to ignore LinkedIn. You can set up a business page, which allows you to tell people about what your business does, promote your products and link back to your website. Your employees, managers and even CEO can set up a personal LinkedIn profile, which can also help you market your business online.

This new feature that allows everyone to publish content on the site is a valuable tool you can use to accomplish several goals.

Raise Awareness

When you publish content and share it with those on LinkedIn, you can raise awareness about your business. People will begin to identify your name with what you do and the experience you provide, which will strengthen your brand.

Drive Traffic to Your Site

As you produce content and publish it on LinkedIn, you can include links back to your website. This can help improve the quality of your content, as you can provide valuable information for your readers. These links can also help you drive traffic to your website, blog, social media profiles or product pages.

Become an Industry Expert

Publishing content on LinkedIn can also help you establish your business as an industry expert and a valuable resource for your market. When you show that you have something to offer and are a thought leader in your industry, your business will grow.

Communicate with Your Market

Of course, when you publish and share content on LinkedIn, you are also able to communicate with your market. You can provide information about your business, products and industry and become the solution for your market.

Create an Online Community

Since LinkedIn allows you to attract followers, you can use your content to create an online community of customers and potential customers. Then, as you use your content to build your brand, you will be able to send your marketing messaging to your followers and inspire them to take action: buy your product, visit your website or share your content.

This LinkedIn update is an exciting one, because it gives your business another platform to publish content that helps you develop your brand, reach your customers and meet your business goals.