LinkedIn Now Offers Sponsored Updates

LinkedIn has joined Facebook and Twitter in offering Sponsored Updates. Now, businesses with a Company Page can pay the social network to promote their posts. Promoting a post will make it possible to target content to very specific audiences and make it easier to share your message through one of the biggest social media networks.

Right now, the new feature is only available to businesses that have an account representative, but by the end of July, any business that uses a Company Page can take advantage of Sponsored Updates. If your business doesn’t use LinkedIn yet, now would be an ideal time to start promoting your brand to professionals on the site. You can prepare to start using Sponsored Updates by setting up a Company Page and adding content about your business.

According to LinkedIn, Sponsored Updates can be shared in 20 different languages and across 200 different countries and territories. The posts can include media like videos, presentations, images, infographics and PDF files. The site will also offer analytics information that will allow businesses to see if their sponsored posts are reaching the right market. Measuring your social media marketing is vital to your success. When you have statistics and analytical information to help you understand what tactics are working and what tactics aren’t, you can create a more successful plan.

To start using Sponsored Updates, you will need to set up a Company Page. Then, when you login to your account to set up a Sponsored Update, you can create your post and then preview how it will look on different devices. In the increasingly mobile world, this is a much-needed feature that will allow you to reach your mobile market more easily.

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The new feature also allows you to target your market with options to promote your post to people who live in certain areas, work at specific companies and even with specific job titles. As you choose these specifications, LinkedIn will tell you how big your audience will be. Of course, the ability to target your posts will help you reach your market and can help you experiment to find out what kinds of messaging resonates with your various market segments. You may also want to use different updates for different markets.

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Some big corporations are already using Sponsored Updates and your business can benefit from the new feature too. LinkedIn says that more than one-third of professionals use LinkedIn, so using the site to promote your brand could be a smart marketing strategy. You can use this feature strategically by deciding which of your markets are likely to use LinkedIn and then plan your messaging and calls to action based on your goals and campaign.

LinkedIn is growing quickly and becoming a popular online hub for professionals. People use it to connect with other professionals, keep up with contacts, find jobs and network with people in the industry. Now you can use LinkedIn to reach your market and promote your brand.