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Whether you want to generate leads, build brand awareness or establish your business as an authority online, LinkedIn can help you connect with over 450 million professionals across the globe.

It’s an exciting prospect, especially for a B2B business with a mature audience. If your profile is limited to an outdated photograph and the bare bones of your resume – it’s time to up your game. You need a detailed profile that speaks to prospects as well as a company page to prove that you are a credible business.

And that’s not all.

You’ll need to post on a regular basis. Not only that but reply to any comments you get and reach out to people in your industry.

“That sounds like hard work.”
“I don’t have the time to action everything and run my business.”
That’s where a LinkedIn marketing consultant comes in.

What is a LinkedIn marketing consultant?

LinkedIn is essentially a social media platform for professionals. It’s where business owners go to discuss ideas, experiences and even recruit new members of staff. There’s so much to this platform, which makes it a great place to showcase your business and services. With years of experience, painstaking precision and sales skills, our LinkedIn Marketing consultants have successfully advertised several marketing ventures on LinkedIn.

Today, they help businesses across the globe build valuable connections, drive traffic back to their website and, most importantly, secure conversions. Think of your LinkedIn marketing consultant as an extension to your existing marketing department. They will enhance your current strategy with new concepts and strategies that will see your business scale up.

The top five benefits of hiring a LinkedIn marketing consultant:

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1) Helps you stay ahead of the competition

As your LinkedIn marketing consultant is online, they never stop looking for ways to improve your strategy. They will look for trends, see what others are posting in your market, monitor your progress and, of course, keep you in the loop. This is a level of professional support that your competitors simply don’t have. You are ahead of the game already!

2) They are your brand advocate

Imagine having someone else sing your praises, letting others know about your products and services without having to pay out for a PR agency (which is pretty pricey!) Your LinkedIn marketing consultant will help you build long-term relationships, engagement and sustainable growth. They will become the eyes and ears of your business. In other words, they will become a member of your team looking out for your business with your best interests at heart.

3) You will save money in the long run

Hiring a LinkedIn marketing consultant is cost-effective. You may consider it to be an added expense at first. But, give it a few months. You’ll soon see a return on investment. What’s more, you only pay for the time you need. Let’s say you need advice on launching a product. Book in a call with your LinkedIn marketing consultant and pay for that time. Don’t need any support the following week? Don’t pay a penny. You will save so much this way!

4) Set your business up for success

This seems like a bold statement to make, but a LinkedIn marketing consultant will have the skills to generate leads, contacts and even sales in most cases. Having that inside knowledge will put you in a position to become an authority in your industry.

Hire the best LinkedIn marketing consultant

There are many LinkedIn marketing consultants out there, but not all operate as equal. Our consultants are honest, pro-active and place results as a top priority. You will come away feeling excited and ready to scale your business on LinkedIn.

They can also help you market your business on other platforms – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Facebook marketing consultancy is a popular alternative.

So, over to you…

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