LinkedIn hands over $120 million for SlideShare

As LinkedIn looks to increase its status as a content sharing network, they made the interesting move to purchase SlideShare, the professional content sharing website. With LinkedIn’s 161 million members, and SlideShare’s 9 million content uploads, it looks like a match made in professional content sharing heaven – if there is such a place.

The only way they could really share this news is through a presentation of course.

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Moving away from the usual B2C SMM talk, today is all about B2B marketing. And presentations are one of the best ways for you to get your professional skills noticed in the fast paced business environment. With better integration across LinkedIn and SlideShare, now is the perfect time to perfect your presenation and lift your LinkedIn profile from the ordinary to the elite.
Top Tips for Business Presentations
1. If your presentation is solely for web use, make sure the most important information is upfront and obvious.
2. If you’ll be using it as the basis of a sales pitch, then remember that people will either read what is front of them, or listen to you. Keep things short, pithy, and to the point. Don’t just regurgitate your existing sales copy.
3. Pay close attention to design, as this is an aspect which shows your attention to detail. You won’t be limited much by colours, just make sure you use a good combination, and stick to a theme.
4. Likewise with fonts, if you struggle with pairing fonts, try a website like this for some great combinations.
5. Use data and graphs wisely – no one cares about the actual numbers on the graph, just what those numbers mean to them.
And finally, if you’re integrating a business presentation into your LinkedIn profile, make sure it adds to your existing information, rather than just repeating it.
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