LinkedIn as a Tool to Promote Your Business

LinkedIn is a popular social networking site for professionals who use it to connect with coworkers, industry experts and professional contacts. It is a great place to post your resume online and to network with people you have worked with and new connections you make. Although it may not be considered LinkedIn’s primary purpose, the site can also be a great tool for promoting your business.

Establish Yourself as an Expert

LinkedIn is an ideal place to establish an expert reputation for your business. When you can brand yourself as a resource and as a professional in your industry, you will most likely get more customers. Build your reputation on LinkedIn by creating a page for your business, starting and participating in conversations, starting and joining groups and sharing your own and others’ content.

Gather Recommendations and Use Them

People regularly use LinkedIn to write and receive recommendations. Professionals use this as a way to show off references and your business can use them as a form of testimonial. Testimonials are a powerful marketing tool, and LinkedIn is almost designed to help you get them. As people recommend your business, thank them and ask if you can use what they wrote in other places like your website, blog posts and even printed marketing materials.

Use Targeted Ads

Like Facebook, LinkedIn lets marketers run ads on the site. If your target market uses LinkedIn, this can be a great way to promote your business. Make sure your ads are targeted for the right audience and use them strategically to accomplish a specific goal, like making more sales or increasing site traffic. Ads can be very useful for businesses that market to professionals, business people and other businesses.

Build a Community of Potential Customers

If you already use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media sites to build a community of potential customers, why not do the same on LinkedIn? If your target market uses LinkedIn, connect with the people who are likely to become your customers. Then, engage with them by sharing content that would interest them and use calls to action to encourage them to become customers.

Leverage Your Company Page

Make sure your company page is complete and helpful. The descriptions should be targeted toward your LinkedIn audience and you should include links to your website. You can get even more from your company page by using it to help you build your online community by promoting it through other channels and offering special perks, like discounts, to people who view your page.

Use the Product Tab

Your company page has a tab labeled “Products;” don’t neglect this section. Adding your products to your LinkedIn page allows you to show off what your business does and lets other people help you promote your products. In this section, people can read about your products, “share” them with their friends, and even recommend them. This gives you a way to let your market help you promote your products and another way to gather testimonials.

Coca-Cola uses the “products” section to show off products and get recommendations for them.

These guidelines can help you start using LinkedIn to promote your business. As your LinkedIn audience grows, the site will become a bigger part of your social media marketing plan and will benefit your business even more.