Link Building


Link building is probably the most significant part of any search engine optimisation strategy. In simple terms Link Building is a technique that generates incoming links from other websites to yours. Each link into your website is an endorsement from another site. The more links (or should we say recommendations) your site receives the more popular the search engines will perceive your site to be. So from a search engine perspective, the number and type of links coming into your website determine its ‘popularity’ and more importantly its quality.

Sounds simple but unfortunately nothing is that easy when it comes to understanding the ever changing algorithms used by the search engines. Increasing your quality score is not just a question of stuffing in some keywords and buying in a load of links (oh if only it was that easy!) The truth is, not all incoming links are considered ‘good’ by the search engines. Many are considered invalid and even detrimental to your ‘quality score’. Search engines, Google in particular, like to see a mix of links building over time.

Yes we need the majority to be high google page ranking but what Google wants to see is a natural progression of relevant links. Google wants to know people are linking to your site because they have a genuine interest in your content not because the links were bought in. Link building is time consuming, frustrating and requires an understanding of how search engines, such as Google, measure the validity of a link. We have the skills and insight needed for successful ongoing link building.