Last-Minute Holiday Strategies for Growing your Email List

If part of your 2016 digital marketing plan includes growing and leveraging your email list, you can use the holiday season to help you get a jumpstart on your goals. Now is the perfect time to run some special campaigns to grow your email list. And, even though the holidays are already here, it’s not too late to use some of these strategies.

Holiday Giveaways

Host a holiday giveaway where customers can submit their email address to enter a drawing. Let people opt-in to your newsletter, blog feed or email updates, helping you grow your lists.

You can take this to a whole new level by giving away multiple prizes or doing several giveaways in the days leading up to the holidays. Generate interest and excitement, helping you attract even more subscribers, by sharing your giveaways through social media and your other marketing channels.

Limited-Time Offer Coupons

To give all your site visitors a prize, try giving away limited-time offer coupons. Again, you’ll need to require people to enter their email address and ask them to opt-in to receive your emails.

This is a great option when you want to offer value to more people, not just a few lucky winners. It can also help you boost sales, attract new customers and entice people to try one of your products.

First Access to a Product Launch

If you’re unveiling a new product or service or planning a big event next year, start building hype about it now while growing your email list. Start promoting the product now, even if you just offer a few hints about what’s coming, and encourage people to sign up to receive an email when the product is available. You could even offer subscribers a discount or early access.

This is a powerful marketing strategy because it will make your launch or event even bigger. It will help you generate buzz, encourage people to watch your business and increase sales or attendance on the big day.

Thank-You Freebies

The holidays are all about giving, and you can build brand loyalty and remind current or past customers about the kind of business you are by giving away thank-you freebies. Offer people a free download, product sample or access to part of your service they normally have to pay for. To do this, require people to submit their email address and ask if they would like to subscribe to your emails for future perks.

This helps you build trust with your market while showing people you value their business. As you build this kind of relationship, you will increase brand awareness and loyalty, helping you accomplish other goals like increased sales and a bigger email marketing list.

Get a head start on your 2016 digital marketing strategy by using some of these simple, but effective, last minute email list building tactics. As you do this, you’ll grow your list, build brand loyalty, increase sales and set yourself up to achieve all kinds of goals next year.