How to Know if Your Business Needs a Mobile App

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It seems like so many businesses have mobile apps, but should you use one as part of your Internet marketing strategy? A mobile app can help you reach your market in a new way, provide value to your customers and help you promote your products and services.

Before you start creating an app just to have one, ask yourself these questions to discover whether an app will benefit your business.

Is Your Market Mobile?

First, if your market doesn’t use smartphones or tablets, creating an app may not be very beneficial for your business. Think about your market, and do research where necessary, and decide whether you can reach your customers, potential customers and audience through their mobile devices.

If your market is mobile, an app can put your business in the palm of peoples’ hand. It will allow you to show off your products and services, send marketing messages, provide value, interact with your market and connect directly with your market.

Do You Have Something to Offer?

People will only use your app if it has something of value to offer. This can be anything from entertainment to access to special deals to free services. Every business has something different to offer through a mobile app, and the value you add to your app will depend on your business and goals. But, all apps need to have a clear purpose and provide something to users.

Some common things businesses offer through apps include:

  • Entertainment
  • Access to Customer Accounts
  • Directories of Business Locations
  • Free Resources
  • Shopping Opportunities
  • Customer Service
  • Discounts
  • Contests

Of course, this list is just a small sample of things you can offer through an app. Your app should attract your market and offer something attractive and useful to the people you want to target.

Will an App Benefit Your Overall Marketing Plan?

If you do create a mobile app, it needs to fit in with your overall digital marketing plan. Mobile apps can help you reach all kinds of goals, like making more sales, increasing customer engagement and raising brand awareness.

Consider your marketing and business goals and then ask yourself if a mobile app can help you meet them. An example of an app that benefits a marketing strategy would be an app that provides customers with coupons and discounts, which helps a business meet its sales goals.

Can You Provide Technical Support?

Finally, if you are going to create a mobile app, do it well. If you aren’t able to provide a solid app that works well, is user friendly and that benefits your market, your app could actually harm your business and reputation. A dysfunctional app will frustrate your customers and draw negative attention to your business.

On the other hand, if you are able to provide an app with a great user interface, that works well and that your market will download and use frequently, an app can benefit your business.

If you answered “yes” to these questions, you should consider using a mobile app as part of your digital marketing strategy. There’s no question that people, businesses and the world are going mobile, and your business’ ability to meet its market there and leverage mobile tools to meet its goals is becoming increasingly important.