Keyword Research

SEO keyword research that gets results!

With everything that goes on in the wonderful world of search engine optimisation, it’s easy to forget about keyword research. Without keywords, there would be no SEO. It’s one of the most fundamental, valuable and high-return activities in the online marketing field.

What is keyword research?

It all starts with words typed into a box. People are looking for answers; it’s up to Google to show the most accurate results. Ranking for the right keywords can give your website a significant boost in rankings. A keyword can be short tail, which is a couple of words, such as “SEO,” “SEO Company” or “SEO Agency.”

Keywords can also be long tail, which is three or more words strung together in a sentence, such as “Keyword Research Services,” “Keyword Research Tools,” or “What is Keyword Research?” These long tail keywords are often favoured by marketers as they are searched by people who are ready to buy. 

SEO keywords

A keyword research service focused on first page rankings!

At Bigfoot Digital, we research your industry keywords, so you can see what terms and phrases are in demand. We not only get more traffic to your site, but we’ll get the right kind of visitors. The bigger picture is an increased conversion rate for your business. That’s what it all comes down to, more sales, and having the right keyword research strategy is the answer. Are you looking for an agency to deliver SEO keyword research? Along with a comprehensive marketing strategy focused on return on investment? You have found us. Get in touch with our professional digital marketing team and get used to first page rankings Call: 01226 720 755. 

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