Keyword Research Tips to Make Your SEO Campaign Stronger

Keyword research is one of the foundational steps of building a strong search engine optimisation campaign. Without keywords, your campaign lacks direction and none of your on-site or off-site efforts will be very beneficial.

SEO takes focused dedication and when you strategically choose your keywords, you are creating that direction and setting yourself up for success. Here are a few tips for choosing the best keywords for your business.

Think Like Your Market

When you come up with that initial list of keywords you want to research and potentially target, think like your market. Add keywords that your market is likely to search for when looking for your business. This list can include your business name, product names and general words and phrases that describe what your business does.

Use Location-Based Terms

Creating campaigns to rank for city and other geographic terms is an entire branch of SEO. Depending on your business and where you are located, it may be easier to rank for these kinds of terms than for more general terms. Make sure your list includes location-based terms whenever possible.

Find Keywords in your Site’s Analytics

If you use analytics software you can see what keywords people are typing into search engines to find your site. These keywords can be very revealing and you may want to add them to your list of targeted keywords. Look at the list and then use keyword tools to find out what the competition for the words are and whether or not they are words you want to rank for. This list can also spark other ideas and help you brainstorm even more keywords and phrases.

Don’t Discount Keyword Suggestions

Many keyword research tools offer a list of suggested keywords that are similar to the words you searched for. Don’t ignore this feature. The keywords on this list can be very valuable and you may want to add them to your campaign. Again, this list can also help you come up with completely new ideas for keywords.

Consider Search Volume

You may have some very good keywords that your market uses, that include locations, and that people are already using to find your site. However, if those keywords don’t have a high search volume they may not be worth targeting. Use a keyword research tool to find out how often the words on your list are searched for before you make final decisions about which ones to target.

Work with an Experienced Expert

An Internet marketing expert who has experience with SEO can help you take your campaign to the next level. Agencies in this industry are well versed in the latest Google updates and the best strategies to help websites rank and get more organic traffic through search results.

To be successful with SEO, you need to choose your keywords very carefully. This first step will guide your other campaign efforts and can be the difference between a successful campaign that helps you get more traffic and business and one that doesn’t benefit your company.