What is Keyword Analysis in SEO?

What is Keyword Analysis in SEO?

Keyword research, or keyword analysis in SEO, is quite possibly the most crucial part of any SEO strategy.

Without a careful keyword strategy, your SEO campaign would be useless. Keyword analysis in SEO should be the starting point of online marketing for your business. Until you know what your potential customers are searching for, you’ll not know what to focus on when growing your customer base.

Keyword research is an essential part of SEO. It’s the process of researching the terms and phrases that a customer may search for when they boot up a search engine. What are they typing into Google to find a site that sells their desired products or services?

The research itself can show you a number of different things when using a reputable keyword research tool. It will usually include the search volume of your chosen term and how competitive your keywords will be to rank for depending on the competitors in your industry.

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Types of keywords

The types of keywords you’ll come across while doing your research can vary, and are usually found in one form or another. Short or long tail keywords can give your site more exposure when plugged into your content. Here’s what they look like on the surface.

Short tail keywords comprise of only one or two words. The length of these keywords is not very specific and will give a broader result in the search engine results pages. Typically, the shorter your keyword is, the higher the search volume will be for that particular term.that particular term.

Keyword analysis in SEO for the term 'SEO Services'

However, with a high search volume comes much more competition. Everyone wants to rank for these short tail keywords because, if you do, the amount of traffic you receive will be tremendous. Unless you’re at an international level, it can be near impossible to rank highly for these terms.

Long tail keywords are a string of three or more words. Think of this as a short phrase. This key phrase is more targeted and specific than a shorter keyword, and even though the search traffic won’t be as high, it will be a lot more relevant.

Keyword analysis in SEO for a local search term.

Targeting specific long tail keywords is less competitive than focusing on shorter keywords. Your potential customers, in this case, will be those who are looking for a particular product, meaning you are much more likely to secure a sale. They are primed and ready to make a purchase.

There are different ways to keep track of your chosen keywords and how your website is performing based on each one. Tools such as Pro Rank Tracker monitor the keywords you want to associate with your account, allowing you to see where you rank in a search engine.

You’ll be able to see your original ranking compared with a day, week or month ago, or from where you were originally picked up in a search engine. It will also monitor any shifts in movement, showing you how your efforts are going and where to focus your attention.

Using keywords to optimise

Keyword analysis in SEO helps your site to rank and to convert those visitors into sales. Like any SEO strategy, you need clear goals and a plan of action to get your site associated with the right keywords; a task that is not always the easiest.

Optimising your site with the right keywords is great for getting the right traffic and for upping those conversion rates, but it has to be done right for it to work well. If a site is heavily optimised and keyword ‘stuffed’, you could get penalised.

The best way to use keywords to optimise is to naturally include them in your web pages. Your keywords need to be included in titles, headings, main content, images and descriptions to name a few, as well as the main URL to boost your web pages.

Doing this takes work, but in the long term, it will make a considerable difference in where your page ranks in Google. Keyword analysis in SEO is the first step to getting up the ladder and can have an incredible effect on your overall traffic.

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Keyword analysis in SEO can be just the ticket for your campaign.

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