Keep Visitors on Your Site with These Blog Design Elements

Image courtesy of Nathanael Boehm/Flickr.

A good blog is based on good content, but that doesn’t mean the design of your blog doesn’t matter. In fact, your blog’s design plays a big part in keeping visitors on your site, attracting subscribers and even getting more comments.

When your blog is visually appealing and easy to navigate, people will be more likely to spend more time on it. Design elements can also help you highlight certain parts of your blog and use better calls to action, which can help you grow your business.

Brand Colours

Your brand’s colours need to carry over to your blog. When your readers visit your blog, you want them to identify it as part of your business. But, you can also use your brand’s colours to highlight parts of your blog and make your calls to action more powerful.

Use contrasting or brighter colours in areas you want to draw attention to, like your contact information or the form people use to subscribe to your blog. In general, it’s a good idea to stick to just a few colours so your blog flows and looks professional.

Effective Movement

Use boxes, shapes, text, arrows and colours to create movement across your blog. The idea is to draw your readers’ eyes from element to element and to the most important areas on your blog. For example, a slider at the top of your blog will capture people’s attention and then if you add a bold “subscribe” button to the right of that, your visitors’ attention will go to that next.

White Space

You should definitely use your brand’s colours throughout your blog, but don’t discount the power of white space. White space can help you draw attention to certain elements and can give your blog a clean look.

If your blog is too cluttered with images, text, buttons and forms, your visitors won’t know where to look. There will be so many things vying for their attention that they won’t be able to focus on any one thing, which will make your blog less effective.

Accessible Posts

It may seem like an obvious point, but all of the blog posts on your site should be easily accessible. Use things like categories, tags, pages and suggested post sections to keep feeding visitors more content. When someone reads a post and then is immediately presented with more content, he will be more likely to stay on your site. Of course, that content needs to be well-written and applicable to your readers.

Good Position

Another design element that can help you draw your readers in is positioning. The layout of your blog needs to be intuitive and easy to understand. It needs to be natural and easy for your readers to navigate. If the positioning of things like your logo, latest posts, “about” section, contact form and other items don’t make sense, your visitors will be confused and will probably give up and leave your site.

Colour, movement, white space, accessible posts and good positioning can all work together to make your blog look more professional. Make your blog more visually appealing and entice your visitors to stay on your site longer with these blog design elements.