Kartra vs Clickfunnels: Which Software Is Better For Your Business?

Which Software Is Better Suited To Your Company?

Clickfunnels is tried and tested by a number of big brands.

It deserves its reputation as a solid and excellent digital marketing tool.

However, there are Clickfunnel alternatives out there.

One of these is Kartra, which despite only popping up in April of this year, has been praised. We will take you through the Kartra vs Clickfunnels debate. Keep reading to gain a clear understanding of which software to invest in.


What can you do with Clickfunnels?

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Despite Clickfunnels offering fewer features than Kartra, what it does offer is top-notch and proven to get results. Russell Brunson is the founder and well-known in the marketing industry for his advice-giving. You can, therefore, rest easy knowing your money would be going towards a software built by experts.

Clickfunnels has also been going for around 4 years now and since it’s launch has become highly established. Investing in the Clickfunnels software would, therefore, present a lot less risk to your business.

Marketing funnels are increasingly considered an essential part of every company’s digital marketing strategy. If you want your business to be sustainable your main aim should always be to keep growing. Funnels allow businesses to increase leverage with their customers. Using any of the pre-built funnel templates Clickfunnels has to offer is almost guaranteed to increase conversion rates.



Clickfunnels are not a new kid on the block, they have become heavily established, due to the successful four years they have had but also their strong case studies for helping others to achieve success.

Russell Brunson himself is an advocate for his own success; he began selling potato guns using basic marketing funnels and has now grown his own multi-million dollar funnel company. The founders of Kartra are Genesis Digital, a trio of successful businessmen, who also run WebinarJam and EverWebinar. Both pieces of software are therefore run by successful people, however, Genesis Digitals’ skills are a lot less focused.

Clickfunnels is a tool that absolutely anyone, from any background and with any ability can use successfully. The pre-built templates mean all you really have to do is add your own specific content. This is different from Kartra which requires you have an end goal for your marketing efforts before you even begin.

Although the Kartra pricing tells you a number for the leads you will generate, Clickfunnels doesn’t put a limit on this. Clickfunnels provide innumerable opportunities for lead capturing. If you include compelling images, videos and text in your marketing funnel you will for sure have a high conversion rate.

The increased option for software integration also means you can generate more leads. You can then respond efficiently and effectively. Clickfunnels allows you to build an extensive email list through landing pages. This means that your options for retargeting people with upsells are endless.

With Clickfunnels, the standard package is priced at $97 per month, which gives you access to many features but not all. Kartra may beat Clickfunnels in this respect, as their cheaper package gives members access to all features. Although, this swings in roundabouts, as Kartra bases their price on the number of leads. This basically means that a limit is placed on your business’ success.

With Clickfunnels, you know that by paying a bit more each month, you are allowing your business to reach its full potential.

Another aspect of Clickfunnels which you could view as problematic is the pre-built templates. Unlike Kartra, there isn’t an option to add elements to really make the funnel specific to your brand. For those with little sales and marketing experience, this would likely be a useful feature. However, it might be something to consider if you want the option to unleash your creativity.


What can you do with Kartra?

Kartra only launched this year, so is later to the funnel game than Clickfunnels. Despite this, it is popular as it offers a range of high-quality funnel tools and other marketing methods. It is similar to Clickfunnels with its funnel creator components, such as the drag-and-drop aspect. Like Clickfunnels, the funnel builder tool works in columns. A Kartra funnel would, therefore, be responsive and adaptive to all device screen sizes.

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However, despite their similarities, there are fundamental differences.

Kartra takes the approach of offering as many digital marketing tools as possible. They aim for businesses not to have to use multiple pieces of software and pay multiple subscription fees. Whereas Clickfunnels focus on offering a smaller range of features at a very high quality. Some extra features that Kartra offer are video hosting, marketing AI to track leads and an affiliate marketplace.

Kartra may be harder for people with little or no sales or marketing experience to grasp. This is because it’s goal-oriented not task-oriented. To use it successfully you have to envision and decide on an end goal and work backward.

This is the opposite of Clickfunnels, where you just get stuck straight in and start at the beginning. It is debatable which method works the best. If you don’t have tons of marketing knowledge but want to get started with funnels and see where they can take you, Clickfunnels is advisable.



The first advantage of Kartra that contributes to the Kartra vs Clickfunnels debate is the enrolment process. When you become a member of Kartra you have access to an extensive training program. There is a support portal and academy training platform so you should have no questions unanswered.

Rather than just offering pre-built funnel templates like Clickfunnels, Kartra offer pre-built sections. This allows for more customisation and you can essentially mix and match different components. More freedom to customise means you can create something that fully represents your brand. In this respect, Kartra’s funnel builder may have a slight advantage. However, with Clickfunnels you have the bonus of knowing every funnel template has a success story. So, it depends on which factor you think is more important. Going with the new kid on the block may be too much of a risk if your business is relatively small.

Kartra has also been praised for the clean and professional vibe their marketing funnels have. From the offset, the templates available are all less ‘spammy’, which Clickfunnels have been criticised for. However, at least you know for sure that Clickfunnels’ templates increase conversion rates.

The Kartra vs Clickfunnels contest can be taken further by comparing their affiliate programs. Clickfunnels have a wide range of products and methods that users can benefit from. However, Kartra offers an affiliate marketplace. This allows users to browse the marketplace and, depending on their business or personal interests, choose products to promote. It is not just Kartra’s own products that you are limited to earning commission from either, anyone can earn money from promoting any other users’ products.

Despite this, the Clickfunnels marketplace is great too. You can make money from selling the funnels that you are proud of and have brought you success. This allows others to gain expertise and you to make money!

One of the Kartra founders’ main motives when building the software, was to offer a range of marketing tools at a reasonable fee. Therefore, even the most basic package gives you access to all their features. Paying more for Kartra doesn’t mean you have more access, it means you are guaranteed more leads. For example, the cheapest ‘Kartra Starter’ package priced at $89 per month gets you 2,500 leads. Whereas, the third tier package ‘Kartra Gold’ at $299 per month gets you 25,000 leads.

However, this system also promotes the notion that you need more money to be more successful in Kartra… Clickfunnels promotes an ‘everyone is equal’ idea where everyone starts in the same place and uses the features to increase success.

It may be useful to use Kartra and have your marketing tools in one place. However, there is the issue of quality over quantity, which you should keep in mind. Although Kartra promise to fulfill all your marketing needs in one place, by doing so, the quality of their services may suffer.

Clickfunnels are well-established and used by so many businesses because of the sheer quality and effectiveness of their products. You definitely aren’t just paying for the brand name. Clickfunnels does what it says on the tin. Kartra would be advisable if you are looking for ease and time-saving software. But if you are an established business wanting to expand in a legitimate way, go for Clickfunnels… the real deal.

Kartra was only launched in April of this year so it hasn’t had time to become established. With Clickfunnels, there is no worry of them going out of business in the future. Along with the fact that it is used by a lot of big names in the business world, there would be a lot less risk of using Clickfunnels.

Carrying on with Kartra vs Clickfunnels, Kartra offers fewer options for integration with other software. This is likely due to them claiming to offer all your marketing needs in one place. However, it is useful to be able to integrate different software.

For example, Clickfunnels’ email marketing tool allows you to merge with MailChimp, Infusionsoft, Activecampaign and more. Kartra only allows you to use Zapier, which is built-in. This limits the opportunity for generating and responding to leads.

Who wins the Kartra vs Clickfunnels debate?

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Despite taking you through the Kartra vs Clickfunnels debate, we have used both. Our preference has to be Clickfunnels; it’s a software we use on a daily basis due to it’s guaranteed increased conversion rates. We also recommend as it offers a 14-day free trial so you can see if you like before investing.

At the end of the day, marketing tools can only take you so far. Your business needs a good product/service and unique selling point for success, no matter what.

Don’t waste time deciding which of these tools to use… If you are spending your time deliberating, you’re not getting results.

Need any more information about Clickfunnels?

Hopefully, now you feel more at ease about which software is right for your business’ needs.

Here at Bigfoot Digital, we can help you further if this Kartra vs Clickfunnels debate has left you with any further questions. Don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01226 720 755!

Disclaimer: Just to let you know, we have used affiliate links in this post. This just means that if you choose to purchase Clickfunnels by clicking on a link, it will pass a little commission our way. There is no extra cost to you!