Kalculating Klout

Everybody has Influence, and Klout aims to help you to understand yours. If you’re running a social media campaign it’s likely that you’re utterly obsessed with statistics, so it would be nice to be able to condense all those numbers into one figure, between 1 and one-hundred.

Don’t be fooled by the apparent simplicity of the service, Klout can offer so much more than reassurance that you efforts are paying off in (hopefully) two digits.

Here are some of the quirks of Klout that will allow you to make the most of the service.

1. Into influencer marketing at the moment? Of course you are – why spend time aiming your marketing message at everyone when you can start a two-way conversation with the most influential and then let them do the talking for you? Klout can help you identify who the most influential people in your target area are with a little help from tags and those +K’s.

  • Tip: Give out +K’s like they’re sweets, everyone loves to be told they doing a good job, and Social Media users are no exception.
  • Klout has put together a ‘Time100’ most influential list to make identifying the top dogs much easier.

2. It’s early days yet, but Klout is currently testing out ‘Brand Squads’, with Red Bull being the first guest squad. These are a great way for brands to recognise and reward the efforts of those who spread their message. And if you’re not quite ready to form a squad, then it’s another great way of identifying active and influential users.

3. Klout Style: I’ve always found this to be the perfect way to figure out if you’re doing what you set out to do. If your focus is on content curation, you want to be towards the left of the matrix, if you’re a content creator you’ll want to be over on the right.

Important: Don’t get too sucked in by Klout; while it’s nice to have some reassurance that your Tweets and Likes are doing some good, the real measure of your Klout will be in your website analytics.