Is Your Social Media Audience Listening?

You put a lot of effort into your social media marketing strategy. You post consistently, you share interesting information and you have a strategic plan. It’s vital that the segment of your market that is on social media sees your posts and is listening to what you say so that your messaging will make an impact and help you reach your goals. But, how do you know your audience is listening?

Measure Your Online Community

One way to see if you have an audience that will listen is to see if you have a sizable online community. Do your accounts have a lot followers? Of course, having a lot of followers isn’t everything. Your followers need to pay attention to your posts and take action when necessary. However, building a strong base of followers is a good way to start and it’s a good way to find out if your market is interested in what you have to say on social media.

Do You See Engagement?

Assess your social media accounts and see if there is engagement between your business and your followers and between your followers themselves. Do people comment on your posts? Do you reply? Social media is a tool that can help you foster two-way relationships with your market. These relationships can help you raise awareness about your brand, grow your business and even get more sales.

If you don’t see any, or very much, engagement on your social media accounts, you may need to reassess your strategy. Find or create content that appeals to your market and that inspires them to comment on, “like” and share your posts. Don’t forget to respond to what your followers are saying either. As people see that your business is responsive and that you care about your followers, they will be more likely to engage with you on social media.

Talk to Your Audience

Talking to your audience, by asking questions or looking for feedback on how you run your social media accounts, can help you determine if people are listening. You can ask questions through your social media posts and get a good idea of how many people are listening or care about what you are saying. You can also do surveys or conduct a poll to find out if people feel that your accounts are worth following and if they like the kind of content you are sharing. These opinions can not only help you understand if your audience is listening, but can also help you find ways to make your social media strategy even better.

Do Your Accounts Enhance Your Other Tactics?

An excellent way to find out if your social media audience is listening is to see how your accounts are affecting your other marketing tactics. Your market is likely listening if your social media accounts are helping your other online marketing tactics be successful. For example, if your social media accounts help drive traffic to your blog or are helping your contests be successful, chances are your audience is listening.

Analyzing whether or not your social media audience is listening can be difficult. But, by building an online community, paying close attention to your followers, and ensuring your social media accounts work in conjunction with your other digital marketing tactics, you can make sure your market hears what you have to say.