Is SEO Dead? Shocking SEO Statistics to Blow Your Mind!

SEO is Dead is the biggest SEO myth that needs to die. We explain why SEO will continue to thrive in 2018!

“Is SEO dead?”

Just asking that question causes us to smirk, cringe and laugh hysterically. People have been saying that SEO is dead since SEO was born. And, guess what? It’s still going strong.

Search engine optimisation (SEO for short) has long been the king of marketing. We are living proof that the higher up in the SERPs you climb, the more leads come through your door, which equates to a pretty successful business. So, why are so many people asking Google “Is SEO dead?” A little ironic, don’t you think? Anyway, you can’t ignore the statistics, which reveal that a grand total of 90 people still ask this question every month:

is seo dead

Sure, Panda and Penguin made it difficult to cheat the system, but with each of these algorithm updates we have moved from a manipulative marketing system to SEO services focused on creative content, quality link building and marketing that drives the right kind of visitors to your website. Those who have found your website organically, clicked through and engaged with your content. That’s real promotion.

Whether you are considering SEO for your business, trying to better understand the process, or want a cheeky industry update, these SEO statistics for 2018 will be enough to convince you that SEO is as important as ever.

1) 93% of all online experiences start with a search engine

Don’t think SEO is important? Think again. This statistic alone proves the immense popularity of the internet. If you’re serious about getting found online, then you NEED to consider SEO. If not, well, you’re missing out on the majority of internet searchers.

2) The average first page result on Google is over 1,890 words

Don’t cut your content. Every blog post, product and landing page is an opportunity to optimise your content for search engines. There’s a fine line between SEO copywriting and keyword stuffing, and Google will recognise this. Locate the right keywords (be realistic, as a photographer, the keyword “photography” alone is never going to bring customers your way) and include them naturally in your content.

3) 75% of people never scroll past the first page of Google

answer to is seo dead

Oh, you did a search for a keyword related to your industry and found your business on the second page of Google. That a bummer. But, apparently SEO is dead, right?

4) Voice search currently accounts for 10% of all online searches.

Voice search seems to be all the range these days. Typing is so three years ago, and voice search has taken over. People have grown tired of typing and find simply talking a much quicker solution. Even beyond mobile devices, the introduction of “home devices” and “smart speakers” allow people to shout questions across the room from anywhere in the house. When optimising for voice search, it’s important to consider the natural formation of words. People ask questions like “Google, where are the best restaurants in Barnsley?” Using informal language on your website can help you appear in voice searches.

5) 61% of internet users do research on a product online before making a purchase

If you have an e-commerce business of any kind, this one’s for you. More people than ever are doing their research online before making an important purchase decision. What happens if you don’t appear above your competitors? Or worse, you don’t appear online at all? You won’t be taken seriously, and people will shop elsewhere. Detailed product information, attractive photography, and overall, a positive user experience wins the race to more customers.

So, is SEO dead?

What do you think? As a business that has found success online, we can promise you that SEO is here to stay. These SEO statistics prove how many people rely on search engines to find, literally everything. Looking for a new restaurant in your area? How about a digital agency to partner with? Or, perhaps you need inspiration for a dinner party? Whatever the question, you can bet Google will have the answers. So this, contrary to what people are saying or believing, is proof that SEO has a place in your marketing strategy. How else is your business going to be found online, along with a plethora of competitors all practising SEO? You’ve not got a chance.

SEO is evolving…

… like all the time. The only thing that’s happening here is that getting found is harder. It’s certainly not impossible, though. People perceive SEO to be fake or a scam because it takes longer to get results than they expected. There was a time when you could fire a handful of links at a website and it would rank, just like that.

These days, SEO experts have to be more careful to ensure websites don’t get penalised by Google. At Bigfoot Digital, nothing gets past us. We’re forever looking for ways to boost our clients’ online visibility and push them to the top of the rankings. It’s a passion of ours, and we want nothing more than to see results for them (and us, not going to lie.)

There are 200+ ranking signals that Google will consider to decide where you are placed in the SERPs. It’s all about following white hat SEO that Google wants to see, and having patience. SEO results don’t happen overnight. Sounds like hard work? We hear you. That’s why our clients leave the marketing to us, giving them time to focus on running their business.

Still think SEO is dead? Got unanswered questions? We’d love to hear from you, and put your mind at rest. We’ve been in the SEO industry since the internet was born, so there’s very little we don’t know about the industry. Call: 01226 720 755.