Is Niche SEO the Next Big Thing?

According to some search engine optimisation experts, SEO is becoming more than just earning search engine rankings. This trend could signal a shift that your business should be aware of so your content, website and products will be findable online, helping you attract site traffic and customers.

What is Niche SEO?

Niche SEO, as described by experts at this year’s SEO Summit, hosted by SEO Hacker, is the idea that search engine optimisation efforts should go beyond search engines and include other sites people use to search for content.

The idea is that Internet users aren’t just using Google, Yahoo and Bing to find things online. They are also using social media sites like Pinterest and LinkedIn to search for content and even online shopping sites like Amazon to find products and solutions.

In fact, Eric Schmidt, chairman and former CEO of Google has said that Bing and Yahoo aren’t Google’s biggest competitors; Amazon is.

Niche SEO doesn’t replace traditional SEO, or earning rankings in search results. Instead, it should complement your regular efforts to help you earn more rankings in more places.

How to Use Niche SEO

People are no longer relying just on search engines to navigate the internet and find content and ideas. They are going to social media sites, shopping sites and other resources to find what they need. If you want to continue to reach your market, you’ll need to embrace this idea and discover how you can use it to your advantage.

Through other Websites

First, niche SEO includes ranking your own content, business and products on sites like Pinterest, Amazon, Yelp, Ebay, Etsy and virtually any other searchable site that provides content from other businesses.

The approach you use to rank your content on each of these sites will be different. However, in general you will need to use available features to provide details about your content and use keywords whenever possible. Use things like tags, descriptions, links, profile pages, biographies and anything else available on the site to make your content branded and findable.

Through Traditional Search Engines

Keep in mind that Google is using other sites’ search results to populate its own search results pages. For example, if you search for “laptop computers” you can choose the “shopping” tab to find links to stores that sell them. You can also click on “images” to see images from websites about laptops and even the “news,” “videos,” and “apps” tabs to find more relevant content.

Google has also just announced that mobile searchers will start seeing “carousels” at the top of search results pages that they can swipe through to see relevant results from sites like Vine, Pinterest, Houzz and more.

This means that as you add content to other sites, you need to use traditional SEO strategies, like using keywords and link building, to increase the chances that the content will appear as special links in Google search results.

It’s not likely that the practice of niche SEO will replace traditional SEO, but it may begin to be more relevant as the way we use the internet to find information changes. Use niche SEO in addition to your regular SEO strategy to build more links and strengthen your brand’s online presence.