Is Jelly the Next Big Social Media Network?

Jelly, the latest social media network, is an interesting mix of traditional social media and something new. The new network, created by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, lets people crowd source questions to their online connections, and others, to get answers to virtually anything.

As described on its website, Jelly aims to be a search engine of sorts, but one that is a little different because it connects you with your friends, rather than online sources created by people you don’t know. Jelly’s slogan, “Let’s Help Each Other,” perfectly describes what the app is all about.

When people use the mobile app they are required to post a photo with their question. They can use this photo to add context to the question and can even draw on the photo, adding circles, arrows and notes to better explain their question.

Jelly users can flip through a series of questions and “pass” on them, send them to a friend or answer them. One of the things that makes Jelly different than other networks is that users can only see one question, or post, at a time, and can’t go back to see old questions. In a way, the app forces users to take action on a question.

But, when you ask a question, it can reach beyond your social connections. Jelly uses an algorithm to determine which of your Twitter and Facebook friends to send the question to and even sends it to some of their friends. Users who read your question can also send it to their friends, even if they don’t use the Jelly app.

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Jelly and Business

In a video on Jelly’s blog, Biz Stone talks about how knowledge is very different than information. Jelly lets people find answers to very specific questions, rather than general information about broad topics. So how can your business use Jelly? If you can provide helpful answers to specific questions, you may be able to use Jelly to reach your market.

Right now, business use of Jelly is limited, but you can set up an account and link it to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Then, when your social media connections post questions, your business will be able to see them.

Unfortunately, as of now, businesses will have to manually monitor their accounts to watch for questions that relate to their products, services or brand. There isn’t a way to search for keywords or even browse questions by topic and users can’t direct their questions at someone in particular, the questions are simply pushed out according to Jelly’s algorithm.

However, as we’ve seen with many other social media networks, later updates often make them more business friendly and offer more features and even advertising options designed specifically for businesses.

Jelly is a unique new social media network that combines photo sharing, question asking and crowd sourcing to let users leverage their social media connections to get answers to just about anything. Your business can get a head start on this social network by setting up an account and watching for opportunities to build your reputation as a source of knowledge and an industry expert.