Invaluable Instagram and Vine Marketing Tips for Every Business

Instagram and Vine have some things in common. They both have millions of users, both are image based, both reach similar markets and both have the potential to be powerful marketing tools.

If you are using either of these sites, you know that they are a little different from Facebook and Twitter because you must rely on images and videos to communicate with your followers and promote your business. Each business will use theses sites a little differently, but there are some general tips that everyone who uses Instagram or Vine should keep in mind.

Creativity Counts

On both of these sites, creativity is key. Users here are looking for visually interesting content, and if yours doesn’t fit this description it won’t be effective. Stay away from generic photos and boring promotional videos.

Instead, use photos and videos that are unique to your brand and that are visually compelling. Use artistic topics, interesting angles and creative video content so your market will pay attention to your posts.

Be Fun and Show Personality

Instagram and Vine give you lots of room to show your personality and post fun content. Just like with other social media networks, you want to avoid posting too much promotional content and try to share other “just because” content. These photos and videos should still be something your market will be interested in, but they don’t always need to be purely promotional.

Go Behind the Scenes

Photos and videos give you a great chance to give your market a behind the scenes look. Use your posts to show your employees in action, snippets from events, what’s happening at your locations and images of new, freshly stocked products.

These kinds of images can help you promote your business while at the same time having fun and showing your personality. They can also make your followers feel like they have an inside view and help you form a relationship with them.

Overlay Images with Text

Add some text to your images to help you convey a message or make them more branded. Captions, quotes, phrases, tips and event information can all be added to interesting and high-quality photos so your followers will see your message with just a quick glance.

These kinds of images can be informational and helpful or they can be funny and entertaining. When you do this, don’t compromise the visual aspects of the photo and keep text short to avoid making your photos look like ads.

Use Impromptu and Scripted Videos

Using a good mix of impromptu and scripted videos will make your account more interesting and can help you accomplish different things. Spur of the moment videos are fun and let you show your personality.

Scripted videos can give your account a more professional touch and can help you deliberately include your messaging and branding. You can use scripted videos more strategically to promote something specific and tell your market exactly what you want people to hear.

Both Instagram and Vine have great potential to help you boost your social media marketing efforts and connect with your markets. Images and videos you post on these sites can help you build your brand online and grow your business.