Internet Marketing Newcastle

Internet Marketing Newcastle

Increase your website traffic and generate leads with internet marketing Newcastle services!

So much has changed in the online marketing space in the past 10 years. YouTube, Podcasts, Social Media and Google search have opened up a world of opportunities for brands to engage with potential customers. Customers spend on average six hours every day browsing digital content. That’s not counting the people who depend on the internet for work.

How are you expected to convert those consumers into paying customers?

With an award-winning internet marketing Newcastle strategy that positions your business as a market leader. That’s how! We dominate the online marketing space for competitive search terms related to our industry. Our clients enjoy the same impressive results, and you can too.

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Why choose Bigfoot Digital?

As a professional SEO Newcastle agency, we have been active in the digital marketing industry since the inception of the internet. We have been there through every algorithm update, so we are clear on what works and what, most certainly, does not. Our history and expertise make us the perfect marketing partner when it comes to increasing your visibility in the organic search results.

What’s more, we go above and beyond for our clients. Most SEO agencies are content with following basic internet marketing guidelines. We are not like other SEO agencies. Our internet marketing Newcastle strategies are tested to ensure they deliver ROI. We are forever looking for ways to improve results, so we can assure you stand out in a crowded market.

  • A history of position one Google rankings
  • Honest, detailed reporting as standard
  • Affordable internet marketing that won’t break the bank

A complete internet marketing Newcastle strategy is needed to bring in traffic from multiple sources. You’ll need to consider organic rankings and social media activity, as well as website conversion rate.

Everything we do is focused on making money for your business, so we prioritise converting traffic sources. What does that mean? Let’s say you struggle to retain site visitors. We’ll prioritise persuasive content and user experience. Perhaps you need to work on building connections with consumers. We’ll set up a targeted social media campaign with your audience preferences in mind.

Our services:


Most business owners consider their website to be an online brochure. This is a serious error! Your website is a not a brochure, it’s a complete ecommerce sales funnel (if not, it should be). But, without a steady stream of traffic, your website is a non-starter. Bigfoot Digital will help you create a successful SEO strategy that helps upscale your marketing efforts – transforming your online presence into an unstoppable lead generation machine.

Link building:

It’s long been understood that relevant, authoritative backlinks provide a rankings boost. Link building remains the number one ranking factor in the eyes of Google. Getting white hat SEO links can be tricky. Luckily, our SEO’s have it mastered. There’s a fine line between strong and spammy links; building as many links as possible is not a credible strategy.

At Bigfoot Digital, we manually reach out to high-authority sites in your niche. We secure guest posts and write value-packed content, complete with naturally placed links, and hit publish. But, we don’t leave it there. We want to provide the most value possible for your website. For this reason, we regularly promote guest posts on social media to ensure you continue to build credibility around your brand.

Keyword research:

Think you know exactly what your customers are searching for? You would be wrong. No successful SEO campaign was ever born from guesswork. There are billions of search terms typed into Google every second of every day. Ranking for them all is impossible (and quite frankly, a waste of time). In that knowledge, you need to select keywords that align with your strategy and attract consumers looking for the products and services you offer. This is what makes keyword research the most vital stage of any SEO campaign.

As a top-ranking SEO agency, our focus is, and always will be, ROI. We hand-select keywords with high search volumes that bring in unlimited converting traffic. For an ecommerce store, commercial intent keywords are essential. The key difference between general keywords and those with commercial intent is the ability to secure clicks from consumers ready to make a purchase. General keywords are often easier to rank for, like ‘SEO’ but hold little commercial value. People could be searching for SEO advice, tools or even a career in the industry.

The same concept applies to every industry, including yours. We’ll work with you to understand your audience, and their search habits, so you never miss a trick when it comes to optimising your website.

Content optimisation

Once you’ve completed keyword research (or partnered with our amazing team to do so), you are ready to start populating your site with content. Our SEO’s are creatives at heart who love nothing more than writing content that powers conversions. We’ll introduce keywords into your website naturally; they should never distract or overwhelm the other content. Using multiple variations of your keyword, otherwise known as synonyms, will help achieve relevance for a specific topic. Who knows, you may even start to for related searches that you don’t target – cheeky bonus!

Technical SEO

Search engine optimisation goes beyond keyword research and on-page optimisation. There’s a technical aspect that is often overlooked. Our internet marketing Newcastle team understand that in order for your website to outrank competitors, technical SEO is required. These technical requirements are the backbone to any successful marketing strategy.

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Think of technical SEO as building blocks. They need to be in place before any structural design work takes place. It’s the same when it comes to SEO. Our website architects make sure your site functions as it should before adding the finishing touches. A website that has a clear hierarchy and an effective URL structure will be desirable to search engines.

This, along with other on-page aspects, like duplicate content, broken links and 404 errors are all red flags to consider when optimising a site. Our technical internet marketing Newcastle experts will ensure search engines can find, crawl and index content.

Social media marketing:

Social media started out as a communication channel for consumers. Today, business owners recognise Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn as an opportunity to drive traffic to their website and maintain customer relationships. Our internet marketing Newcastle agency has built up a complete department of social media services focused on helping brands across the world take full advantage of these opportunities.

Our unique social media strategy derives from over a decade of experience in design, strategy and management on behalf of clients. We set-up targeted advertising campaigns providing value to audiences with an interest in the products and services you offer.

Website design:

Having a website is no longer enough. It needs to be professional. It needs to be optimised for search engines. And above all, it needs to encourage sales. At Bigfoot Digital, we are not only an SEO agency. We also design responsive websites that operate flawlessly on mobiles, tablets, and desktops. Users want to receive information at the click of a button. A site that loads in 5,4 or even 3 seconds is not good enough. Visitors will get bored, and they will look elsewhere! Our talented web designers make sure this never happens with websites that encourage continued engagement.

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